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Honu Sunscreen is Our Favorite New Thing this Summer

This sunscreen is the product of the summer

The fact that not all sun protection is created equal made a splash into the news spotlight a few years ago. And with issues of protecting not only family members but the world’s reefs, the topic pops up in the media every spring. These days, there is much to consider in making a sunscreen choice. It’s no longer about simply saving yourself from angry, red skin. But how do you choose? Well, we can tell you that from now on, we’ll be choosing Honu Sunscreen.

What makes this new brand a product to covet? Honu sunscreen is the first sunscreen to give users full independence.

What does that mean? Well, in the past, how did you get sunscreen on your back and other hard-to-reach areas? You either ran the risk of giving yourself ugly streaks or you asked someone–possibly a stranger, to apply this essential sun protection for you.

Yes, it could make for a thrilling intimate encounter, should the right stranger come along to caress you with warm hands and gaze at your skin with piercing eyes. But come on! How often does that happen? More often, it’s a sweaty stranger with moist, probing fingers or someone uncomfortable with human touch who paints your skin wearing a mild air of disgust. But with Honu suscreen, you can do it all yourself.Bottle of Honu Sunscreen with it's white applicator wand

How it works

This brand, created by Starco, offers a patented application wand. A magic wand, as far as we’re concerned, it allows you to cover yourself in sunscreen without contortion or an uncomfortable encounter with a stranger. The applicator extends out from the can and bends at a right angle, making it possible for you to hit every inch of your own back without risks of uneven coverage.

Honu sunscreen is reef safe and hypoallergenic. It’s designed for skin as sensitive as a toddler’s. And this SPF 50 spray is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. For more information, check out Starco brands or just get a can of Honu and see for yourself.

And, of course, if you meet that stranger with the piercing eyes, you can always feign helplessness and ask them to help you with using Honu’s wand applicator!

So when you’re getting ready for the beach or pool, don’t forget to pack the Honu, along with you collapsable wine glasses, and maybe a hip flask.

Where to buy

Honu sunscreen is available from select retailers or you can order from


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