Wish List

the sexy christmas wish list 2006

Wish ListThe Sexy Christmas Wish List 2006

by amy reiley

I hope you’ve been as good as I have this year, because my Christmas gift list is for the truly fabulous:

Beccalights Baked Bread Scented Candles
It has been said that the scent of freshly baked bread can replicate that of female pheromones. In the mood, anyone?…

Fuwarinka Rose Gum
Chew on this… and turn your stinky pit smell to
the fresh scent of roses. No kidding, this Japanese
gum claims to freshen not just your breath but your
whole body. Rose is an aphrodisiac, my sweet.

Davi Skin Vine Fresh SPF 30 Lotion
Sure, the fact that its made by my friend Carissa’s
little bro is reason enough to endorse the Davi line,
but a fair maid like myself loves the idea of getting
my daily dose of antioxidents in my morning SPF application.

Red, White and Drunk All Over

The first book by Life of Reiley contributor Natalie
MacLean, this hot little number could inspire even
a Mormon to drink.

Kitchenaid Professional 5 Plus Series Mixer
How do you turn the practical into a romantic gift?
Order it in lipstick red, of course!

Uncommon Goods Herbal Pet Bed

Why should you be the only one to enjoy aphrodisiac
aromatherapy? This microwavable pet bed is filled
with a relaxing blend of herbs.

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Espresso Maker

You’d think I’d go with the Italians for
the best cup of brew, but I’m pining for this
little Aussie model with its mug-sized width, sleek
steel design, dual wall crema system and – best part
– cup warmer.
purchase at http://www.amazon.com

Vineyard Ride with L’Etape Cavalier Beaujeu
A ride through Southern Burgundian vineyards on the
back of a perfect gentleman – this is every girl’s

Howqua Dale Gourmet Retreat Country House Weekend
A weekend away Down Under where the only manditory
activities are the meals. And with Chef Marieka Brugman
in the kitchen, you won’t want to miss a bite.
I can already see myself lounging by the pool, riding
horseback through the snowy mountains and eating twice
as much as I ever thought would fit.


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