choctal chocolate and vanilla ice cream

Choctal: Greatest Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream Ever

Single Origin Ice Creams

We’ve tasted some pretty amazing ice creams. We are, in fact, jaded. But we never experienced anything like Choctal’s single origin ice creams. Like a global study in terroir, the four single-origin chocolate and single-origin vanilla ice creams from Choctal are all about the distinct flavors of the world’s greatest ingredients. Although these ice creams come from Pasadena, California, each pint is like a passport to some exotic part of the world. So get your passport ready!

The chocolates

Imagine four of the richest dark chocolate ice creams on the planet, made by the same people but with four completely different chocolates. The four origins include Costa Rica, Ghana, Dominican Republic and Kalimantan. (We had to consult an atlas for that last one. It is part of the island of Borneo.) The results dazzle the tongue with sensations of fruits, nuts, butterscotch, espresso, spice. The experience is exactly like trying great dark chocolate bars–only, smoother, creamier and highly sensual.

The vanillas

The experience with Choctal’s four vanilla ice cream flavors is equally exciting. Yes, vanilla ice cream can be exciting, when it comes from hand-selected growers in single origins including Indonesia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea and Madagascar. Seriously, we don’t know how ice cream can get better than this! For the most sensual experience, we recommend tasting all four chocolate or all four vanilla ice creams at the same time. Or, if you’re feeling gluttonous, you can never go wrong with cracking open a pint of your favorite origin.

2019 update: Choctal seems to have slowly disappeared from retail since this article was originally published in July of 2017. We’re not sure if this Californian ice cream innovator is still in existence. If you know anything about the past, present or future of this brand, please write to us! [email protected]


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