Christmas scavenger hunt

gift guide 2007: the sexy christmas scavenger hunt

Christmas scavenger huntThe Sexy Christmas Scavenger Hunt

by donna whitehouse

Looking for something a departure from opening gifts on Christmas day? Why not have an amorous scavenger hunt for the presents with your significant someone? How about one in which the grand finale present is… you?

The following is a list of gift suggestions for the game, but you can easily substitute with items that might spark something special for you and yours. Let your imagination run wild and have a hot time on Christmas Eve, or whenever the time is right. Just make sure you have the kids in bed and the cell phones off, since this game requires single-minded attention.

This is a scavenger hunt with rhyming clues to find the presents, all carefully hidden by you for your partner. The game is based on following the clues to find each present, some of which call for a few delays, like a sip of wine or a soak in the tub. You will see what I mean when you read the clues. I suggest that you print the hints and cut out each numbered clue. Roll the paper clue up like a small scroll, and tie with scarlet ribbon. Be imaginative. You can scent the paper, decorate it, or include art or photos if you like.

For your convenience, I have listed some sites for present suggestions, but again, you can easily substitute anything you desire:


Box of chocolates:

Sexy men’s underwear:

Sexy women’s underwear:

Bath products:

Flavored massage oils:


So, do the shopping, and wrap each gift. When the time is right, tell your partner that you have a special Christmas celebration for him/her, and let the fun begin. Give your lover the first clue to start the game. You must disappear eventually (or immediately) to hide yourself. Also, you must dress in something devilishly delicious. This could be as simple as lingerie or as imaginative as a Santa elf–hopefully a sexy one. Remember, you are the final gift!

the clues


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