heart-healthy Champagne

Heart-Healthy Champagne for a Giddy New Year

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It’s hard to imagine starting a New Year with anything other than bubbly. And this year we have more reason than ever to celebrate Champagne. New research has uncovered a brilliant side effect of sipping sparkling wine. Much like resveratrol-laden reds, the antioxidants in sparkling wines can benefit heart health, so drink up and do it for your heart!

Louis Roederer
NV Brut Premier
Surprisingly weighty and rich on the palate, Roederer offers a whole lot of wine for its $40 price tag. Flavors are a hint sweet with delicious baking spices at the back of the palate.

heart-healthy ChampagneLaurent-Perrier
NV Brut
A complex wine, this is one you could taste for hours and find something different in every sip, from lemons to almonds to strawberries and toast.

NV Grand Brut
This is a house wine at Life of Reiley. Perrier-Jouet makes a lot of wines that turn my palate on and this, their entry-level bottle is no exception. Full-bodied but balanced, it offers yeasty notes, hints of berries and a refreshingly bitter finish.

NV Brut Rose
In my mind, this is one of the best non-vintage Champagnes around. As one wine buyer friend of mine puts it, on the tongue, this wine is like “angels dancing” on the palate. Thanks Bob for the perfect description of this subtly berry-flavored wine.

Pol Roger
NV Rich
Sweet yet fresh, this wine offers some interesting and different notes. Serve it in place of dessert to make the most of its bread dough aromas and sweet, buttery cookie flavors.


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