Swiss Wineries offer a Special Cellar Door Event

Get to Know Swiss Wineries with this Special Open Cellar Day

Swiss wineries welcome the world

Switzerland is known for many things. Wine is probably doesn’t make it up there with watches and ski resorts but anyone in the wine trade will tell you that Swiss wineries have a lot to offer. The trouble is, most of us just don’t know anything about them. There is a really easy way to change all that by getting yourself a pass to the Vaud Open Cellars event. 

A special wine weekend in May

From May 19-20, 2018, the wineries of the canton of Vaud will open their doors to visitors from around the world. (The canton of Vaud is a region on the northern shore of Lake Geneva considered by some to be Switzerland’s most important wine-producing area.) True, it means you have to get yourself to Lake Geneva, but you won’t need a Swiss bank account to afford this special event.

Many of the region’s hotels have special offers for the event, which includes a VIP tasting passport and three bottles of wine. Those who don’t purchase a hotel package can purchase a pass at the first participating winery they visit. They are then issued a tasting glass and an open invitation to explore over 300 Swiss Wineries. There are also free shuttle buses to safely deliver wine tasting tourists from one cellar to the next. However your trip will require a little planning. You see the event lasts two days but, as mentioned, the Vaud boasts hundreds of wineries.

the canton of VaudPlanning your visit

The best way to approach the Vaud Open Cellars event is to focus on one or two of the six regions and eight appellations that make up the canton of Vaud. Each region contains distinctive microclimates and wine specialties. For example, if you’re on the hunt for breathtaking scenery along with world class wine, then you might want to focus on Dezaley Grand Cru AOC. If white wine is your thing, you might consider staying in the Chablais AOC. And if you’re a history buff then you’re sure to fall in love with what’s known as Switzerland’s oldest winemaking region, the Cotes de L’Orbe AOC. If you’re having a hard time choosing, spend a little time learning more about the region before you go.

But make your plans quickly because the event is coming up soon. And you won’t want to miss the welcome the Swiss wineries have planned for visitors on this unprecedented weekend.


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