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Fruit Wine for Spring

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I don’t know about you, but at this time of year, I like to start putting away the Cabernet. It’s still a little too early for that late afternoon Rose, but I’m definitely not in the mood for my “comfort” wines once spring has sprung. This spring I’ve been finding myself trying something a little different, a bridge between my bold winter wines and my summertime, spritzy Riesling. What’s in my fridge this month? Fruit wines – as in wines made from or blended with the juice of fruits other than grapes. It’s a bit outside the box, but it’s a chance to experience some flavor profiles rarely exhibited by the noble grape.

Raspberry Sunrise
Four Chimneys Winery

Organically grown NY berries are crushed at their summer sweetest and coaxed into their finest adult beverage form. A wine that is both sweet and acidic, what it lacks in elegance it makes up for in its pure, summertime essence.

fruit wineHula O Maui Sparkling Wine
Maui’s Winery

A light and refreshing, brunch sort of wine, Hula O’s flavor profile never gives away its origins in the pineapple fields. A lovely bottle of fizz that would suit any sparkling wine lover, it is just the sort of wine to serve with Hawaiian and Pan Asian cuisine.

Volcano Blush
Volcano Winery

It may look suspiciously like White Zin, but this blush from the Aloha State offers far greater complexity than any jug of pink. Made from a blend of grape wine and jaboticaba, a tannic, tropical berry, offers tart flavors and a refreshing finish.

Pomegranate Dessert Wine
Rimon Winery

Definitely an aphrodisiac, this new dessert wine from Israel’s Rimon Winery offers the flavors of a fresh pomegranate kernel with the refinement of a well-crafted wine. A good one for pairing with dark chocolate, it is also light enough on the sweetness to serve with red meat.

Liqueur de Poire

Not truly a fruit wine, but a very adult pear syrup, perfect for dressing up your average bottle of white. Drizzle a bit into your glass then top with a light-bodied white for an elegant, fruit-driven springtime aperitif.


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