wine preservation system

A Wine Preservation System You Can Count On

wine preservation systemSomehow, no matter what linguistics we use to introduce this product, we sound like we’re pimping feminine products. But throw out any subconscious preconception and get ready for a product to change your wine experience forever. A little plastic disk that resembles your run-of-the-mill mail packing material, the Wine Shield provides a barrier between wine and its enemy, oxygen.

So now you can open up that special bottle by yourself (or with the one you love) and not have to worry about having to make the choice of either finishing the bottle or wasting what’s left. The most inexpensive preservation system on the market, the Wine Shield works surprisingly well for such a simple invention. (And it takes up virtually no space.)

We don’t find that our wine stays fresh for as long as the company claims (5 days), but the bottle is certainly still ready to drink on day two or three (longer for whites kept in the refrigerator.) The one drawback is that you have to use a fresh shield for each bottle—seems like a bit of a waste of materials. But the price is right at $10-15 for a pack of 10 disks, depending on the retailer. And it is definitely the simplest of all the wine preservation options.

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