Fragrances of Wine--wine-inspired perfumes from Provence

Fragrances of Wine: wine-inspired perfume from Provence

Fragrances of wine are scents of love

We first brought you Fragrances of Wine when the line launched in 2014. We’ve been there since the beginning and watched the company flourish. However, over the years, the line of subtle, wine-inspired fragrances has evolved. Because we love them so, we wanted to update our review and remind our readers that, if you love wine, you’re going to love these scents! 

Aromas impact every area of our lives. They surround us in the air, on our skin, stirring conversation and crossing cultural barriers. Aroma is what gives wine its personality. Both wine and perfume have the ability to transform our day, evoke memories, stir emotions affect mood, hopes and dreams.“–Fragrances of Wine

A unique collaboration

Think you’ve experienced wine-inspired perfumes before? Not like this! If you believe in the power of aroma, we’ve found a product that will have you tingling from head to toe. Fragrances of Wine is the brainchild of Amy Mumma, a wine educator named the 2005 wine professional of the year by the International Wine Women Awards. It is a collaboration with Master Perfumer Richard Asfour and inspired by the great perfume and wine region of Provence.

The fragrances

My favorite is Sparkle, an homage to bubbly subtly scented with sweet, delicate fruit and wildflowers that are beautifully balanced by a masculine, toasty note. But it’s hard to resist the exotic floral notes of Blanc. If you feel like summer isn’t complete without a glass of dry Rosé, then you probably won’t be able to resist the aromas of Provence captured by the scent of Rosé. Oh, and if sensual is your style? You need to wrap yourself in the scent of Noir. All four fragrances are now available in 1.7 oz bottles as well as airline-approved travel vials.

To learn more or to discover your personal wine scent, visit the Fragrances of Wine website.


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