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LIQS Cocktail Shots for Easy Entertaining | EatSomethingSexy.com

Ready-to-Drink Cocktail Shots are a Thing. Check Out Liqs.

These cocktail shots are picnic or party ready Sometimes when a publicist reaches out to me with the “next big thing,” I get that itch of wariness in the back of my brain. But my FOMO always gets the best of me and I usually try whatever they’re pushing. In this case, it was worth […]

closeup of Preserve large plate in spring green on a white background

My Favorite Outdoor Tableware – it’s eco-friendly!

We all do it. We throw that backyard barbecue or picnic in the park that requires us to buy mile-high stacks of disposable plates. And although the sight of endless paper or plastic saucers tossed carelessly into the trash makes the eco-minded among us cringe, we still do it. Or rather, I used to do […]

Collapsible Wine Glasses

Collapsible Wine Glasses – have your wine and drink it, too

Don’t leave home without one A picnic isn’t a picnic in our world without wine. That’s why we were beside ourselves with excitement to discover Bluesky Designs Pop Up Wine Glasses. Remember those little camping cups from when you were a kid? The kind that went from a capsule to glass with the pop of a lid […]

closeup of front and back of My Magic Mud mouthwash bottle

The Best Mouthwash – freshen your breath with great flavor

The best mouthwash is made with activated charcoal Activated charcoal is used around the world to help clean teeth. It’s known for being a non-abrasive, mouth-freshening product. And although it’s a commonplace oral care choice in rural communities of the Third World, the power of charcoal is only starting to catch on in the “civilized […]

the bee-friendly garden

The Bee-Friendly Garden – planning a yard that helps the whole hive

Making our world more bee-friendly Bees have it tough. Some bees have even made it on the endangered species list. But by making a few great plant choices, you can help support native bee populations. (And don’t forget, honey is an aphrodisiac.) That’s why we love The Bee-Friendly Garden: design an abundant, flower-filled yard that […]


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