What are you lusting after? Whether it’s a cookbook, new snack, beauty aid, kitchen essential, chef memoir, or edible body dust, we’ve got something that will make you tingle.

Closeup of GoVino glass

Get Summer Chic with Plates and Outdoor Glasses for Wine Lovers

Your next party will be eco-chic with these plates and glasses Are you ready to get eco-chic? With these bbq provisions, your outdoor party can go gourmet with good looking, party-friendly plates and outdoor glasses for wine lovers. How to Mingle Easy You know those little plates, ubiquitous at food and wine affairs? – the […]

The Best Chocolate For Baking – if you love chocolate, you need this

A premium, American chocolate company Scharffen Berger built a name as a leading, artisan chocolate company based in the U.S.A. The company was founded in 1997 by winemaker John Sharffenberger and chocolate authority Robert Steinberg. (Incidentally, the company was acquired by Hershey’s in 2005. However Sharffenberger stays active in the company, working to maintain the […]

Closeup of watercolor plum from Save Me the Plums jacket

Save Me the Plums – a romanticized remembrance of Gourmet Magazine

Ruth Reichl’s Gourmet memoir I’ve been waiting months to talk with you about Save Me the Plums. I received my advanced copy of Ruth Reichl’s much anticipated memoir late last year. Finally, the book is available to be snatched from bookstore shelves by the food obsessed public. Reichl’s latest work, Save Me the Plums recounts […]

Wustof Precision Edge 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

The Best Knife Sharpener – because cooking with a dull knife is dangerous

Did you know that thousands of people wind up in emergency rooms each year because of cooking injuries from knives? Many of those injuries come from using a dull knife. Yes, despite what your instincts might say, a dull knife is far more dangerous than a sharp one. That’s because dull knives require you to […]

Woman with Long Brown Hair and Yellow Sunglasses carrying mop and wearing rubber gloves

Why We Use All-Natural Cleaning Products in Our Kitchen

We didn’t always use all-natural cleaning products in our test kitchen. But we do now. The reason is simple. A couple of years ago, Amy developed severe allergies and chemical sensitivities. The kitchen started making her sick. We knew we had to do one of two things. We could excuse her from all cleaning duties. […]


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