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Underwood Rosé in a can

Union Wine Co., Underwood Rosé in a Can

The Wine of the Week: Underwood Rosé by Annette Tomei My new mission… to taste things I’ve never tasted before – either because I’m a snob, I can’t afford it, or it’s just a little too weird. I’ll let you know what I thought, and then you can decide for yourself if you will make the […]

recycle preserve eco friendly tablewear

Eco Friendly Outdoor Tableware–make a picnic upgrade with Preserve

Finally!–Attractive dishes we can drag on a picnic, throw in the dishwasher or, if the time is right, simply recycle without the guilt that comes with disposables. We love all the products from Preserve but summer is coming and with it bbq’s and parties in the park. That’s why we’re featuring Preserve’s On-The-Go Plates. They’re […]

Goddess Garden Lavender Mint Lip Balm

Goddess Garden’s New Lip Balm Will Make You More Kissable

This one’s gonna make you want to pucker up! We just tried Goddess Garden’s lip balm in (aphrodisiac) Lavender Mint. We should love this lip balm for the fact that it’s made from all-natural ingredients. What we should be cheering for is the fact that it’s a beeswax-free, organic and vegan product to make lips their […]

wine preservation system

A Wine Preservation System You Can Count On

Somehow, no matter what linguistics we use to introduce this product, we sound like we’re pimping feminine products. But throw out any subconscious preconception and get ready for a product to change your wine experience forever.

the bee-friendly garden

The Bee-Friendly Garden–planning a yard that helps the whole hive

Bees have it tough. Some bees have even made it on the endangered species list. But by making a few great plant choices, you can help support native bee populations. That’s why we love The Bee-Friendly Garden: design an abundant, flower-filled yard that nurtures bees and supports biodiversity.