What are you lusting after? Whether it’s a cookbook, new snack, beauty aid, kitchen essential, chef memoir, or edible body dust, we’ve got something that will make you tingle.

What is Txakoli? Triple X Flight of Fancy, Part 2

The Wine of the Week: Mestres 1312 Cava by Annette Tomei 2016 Luzia de Ripa, Txakoli, Txakoli de Alava (Arabako Txakolina) DO, Spain What is Txakoli? And, how do you say the word without sounding like you’re sneezing? As for the pronunciation, it is choc-o-lee. The word itself is Basque for village wine (aka local wine). […]

mugniani ovens

The Mugnaini Oven–every chef’s dream

If an oven could be an aphrodisiac, the Mugnaini oven would be it. These famously efficient, wood burning ovens are completely unnecessary for keeping your family fed but they’re the kind of accessory every chef and home cook craves.

What is Xarel-lo? Triple X Flight of Fancy, Part 1

The Wine of the Week: Mestres 1312 Cava by Annette Tomei NV Mestres 1312 Cava Reserva, Barcelona, Spain So, what is Xarel-lo (and how do you pronounce it)? Cava lovers outside Spain may not be familiar with one of the most important grapes blended into their favorite wine, much less how to say its name properly. Let’s […]

Honey Creme Coconut

Coconut Honey Créme–what your toast is missing

A magical nectar My favorite synonym for honey is Nectar of the Gods. Creamy and viscous, honey is undeniably aphrodisiac in texture. But it also offers nutrition to support sexual health. Honey is, in my estimation, a nearly perfect food. I never considered that it could be improved upon until Honey Ridge Farms sent me […]

What is Spätburgunder? Pinot Noir With a Passport, Part 3

The Wine of the Week: Messmer Pinot Noir by Annette Tomei 2014 Meßmer, Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder), Pfalz, Germany What is Spätburgunder? And how did it get into our Pinot Noir flight? Oh, yes, we must be in Germany! Things can be a bit different here. In the case of Pinot Noir, it is simply in the […]


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