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Honey, This is Not Your Average Mead

The Wine of the Week: Floralia Botanical Mead by Annette Tomei 2017 Floralia Botanical Mead, Enlightenment Wines, Brooklyn, New York Wine, by definition, is fermented fruit juice. So, maybe I’m going a bit beyond the scope of this column by including a “honey wine”. I hope you’ll agree that it is well worth a diversion to […]


Just When You Thought You Knew French Wine

The Wine of the Week: Bugey-Cerdon La Cueille Sparkling Rosé by Annette Tomei NV Patrick Bottex Bugey-Cerdon “La Cueille”, Savoie, France I’ll admit that I never heard of this region until I tasted this wine at my favorite wine bar. I remember thinking to myself, “And you thought you knew French wine! I even had to […]


Why You Need White Porto in Your Life

The Wine of the Week: Sandeman White Porto by Annette Tomei NV Sandeman White Porto, Oporto, Portugal Founded in 1790, the Sandeman story is a long and fascinating one that you can learn more about here. It may be the most recognized Porto in the world. The caped silhouette of “The Don” is an iconic image in […]


This Might be the Best Book on Aphrodisiacs Ever Written

The Grand Champion Guide to Gastronomic Ecstasy Aphrodite: a memoir of the senses I originally wrote this review in 2004. Since then, I’ve probably purchased at least 30 more books on aphrodisiacs–I also wrote five aphrodisiac cookbooks in that time(!) Despite all that I’ve read and learned, I still believe that this memoir is the […]


This Red Wine from Corsica is Sure to Turn Some Heads

The Wine of the Week: Abbatucci Rouge Frais Impérial by Annette Tomei 2016 Domaine Comte Abbatucci “Rouge Frais Impérial” Corsica, France When you think of French wines, Corsica may not be the first (or even the third) place that comes to mind. That’s one of the reasons I was happy to try this wine. That, and […]