What are you lusting after? Whether it’s a cookbook, new snack, beauty aid, kitchen essential, chef memoir, or edible body dust, we’ve got something that will make you tingle.

Oregon White Truffle Oil

Why You Need All-Natural White Truffle Oil

The aroma of white truffle oil is a gateway to romance Some say truffles are the ultimate aphrodisiac for women. (Learn more about the aphrodisiac side of truffles.) Not only are they delicious little nuggets of luxury, the scent of truffles replicates that of a male pheromone. That’s why we’re featuring this one-of-a-kind product. Oregon White […]

Stem Grip--a better way to wash wine glasses

The better way to wash wine glasses with Stem Grip

When the makers of Stem Grip heard we were shopping for a wine glass-friendly dishwasher for our test kitchen, they chimed in with a recommendation. It was to get whatever dishwasher you like but use their product for a better way to wash wine glasses.

man and woman laying on a white rug in front of a roaring fire

Fatwood – for anyone who needs help lighting their fire

Fatwood is a better way to start a fire Is there anything more romantic than cuddling in front of a roaring fire during winter’s coldest nights? But sometimes, you just can’t get that fire started…literally and possibly figuratively. That’s why we’re featuring Fatwood. 

Closeup of Fire Cider label

Fire Cider – healing tonic and more!

What is fire cider? Apple cider vinegar is an old, New England remedy for just about everything. It’s been used to cure complaints from allergies to hangovers. But cider vinegar is also known to promote digestion. Although this vinegar can be fantastic for cooking, a shot of cider vinegar on its own is not exactly […]

Four bottles of Rozendal Botanical Vinegars

Why You Should Try Rozendal Botanical Vinegars

Unforgettable, artisan vinegars A well-balanced vinegar is a beautiful thing. Not only can it brighten dishes or be sipped on its own to augment a meal, it can help balance the body’s pH. And when you have botanical vinegars infused with a balance of aphrodisiac flowers, herbs and spices…well then the possibilities are endless! That’s […]


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