What are you lusting after? Whether it’s a cookbook, new snack, beauty aid, kitchen essential, chef memoir, or edible body dust, we’ve got something that will make you tingle.

Avocado Face Mask from FarmHouse Fresh is an aphrodisiac for your face

Avocado Face Mask–feel sexy with this amazing salad for your face

Guac Star Have you ever been to a party where the best thing about it was the goody bag. Well, we have more than one of those stories. But this is the first time the goody bag was so good that it inspired us to feature a product we got as a party favor! A […]

Valentine's Day Chocolate from Artisanne Chocolatier | Eat Something Sexy

The Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate EVER

Raising the bar on the sensuality of chocolate We like to think that when it comes to chocolate, we at EatSomethingSexy have seen it all. So we get incredibly excited when we find something new. And we could hardly believe our luck when we spotted a super sensual work of art on Facebook… and it was […]

Oregon White Truffle OIl

The Aphrodisiac of All-Natural White Truffle Oil | Eat Something Sexy

The aroma of white truffle oil is a gateway to romance Some say truffles are the ultimate aphrodisiac for women. Not only are they delicious little nuggets of luxury, the scent of truffles replicates that of a male pheromone.

Metrokane Rabbit Champagne Sealer

Metrokane Rabbit Champagne Sealer

Our test kitchen is loaded with gadgets but Metrokane’s Rabbit Champagne Sealer easily hits our top 10. What sets it apart from other sparkling wine stoppers (most of which we’ve deemed all but useless), is the twist top.

Maille Chablis and Black Truffle Mustard

Black Truffle Mustard–the best mustard you’ll ever taste

We’re mad for Maille. The French company is the king of Dijon as far as we’re concerned. But their Chablis and Black Truffle Mustard just takes things to a whole new level. The mustard, presented in a black stoneware jar, features a pungent Chablis wine-infused Dijon mustard. That would be enough on its own, it […]