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Evie Bett Lunch Bags for Superwomen

I discovered Evie Bett lunch bags around the time of the brand’s launch at, of all places, the Fancy Food Show. One look was all it took, I was in love. And I knew that this line of sexy, women’s wear bags was going to be a hit. I call them lunch bags for superwomen, like you and me. 

We superwomen balance work, home, and family everyday and often in the same outfit. Finding an outfit that can work for every role can be a challenge. And you know what’s even more challenging? Finding a lunch bag that won’t clash with that outfit! Swinging a neoprene bag screams, “Yes, I eat lunch at my desk.” (Or in my car.) Sheesh, how about a little mystery?

A handbag for your lunch

Enter Evie Bett lunch bags. These bags are delicious in their designs. They’re as well made as a fine handbag. And the styles camouflage contents. In fact, the bags simply look like high-end purses. Nobody would ever guess you were toting kale and cucumber water, or whatever your lunch bag contains.

A little history

The line was designed by a mom, Caryn Javinsky who is a self described food fashionista. Leaving the workforce for motherhood, she suddenly found herself forced to carry a cooler wherever she went. Only neon vinyl and Holly Hobby lunch boxes weren’t for her. So she set to work designing cooler purses for women everywhere who want to look good and eat well. The bags have metal hardware and many have faux leather trim. But everything in the line is washable because Javinsky is not only a cooler snob, she’s a mother with a practical side.

The designs

My favorite is the Vivien, with it’s gold trim and detachable shoulder strap. But Evie Bett lunch bags also come in two other designs. Visit the website to decide which bag fits your personal style. (For new moms and mothers-to-be, Evie Bett also has a line of decidedly un-mommy-ish diaper bags.)

See the entire Evie Bett line at www.eviebett.com


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