2011 Eccoci Blanco

Eccoci Blanco, Girona, Spain

The Wine of the Week
 by Annette Tomei

 2011 Blau Nou S.L., Eccoci Blanco, Girona, Spain

Though the Spanish have been making wine since at least 1000BC, they have not experienced the same notoriety and acclaim as France, or even Italy. That is, until recently. Spain is one of the first European countries to modernize and adopt new technology into the wine making process. This has significantly improved the quality of the wine.

Girona is located north of Barcelona (in the northeast of the country) in the Catalonia region, one of the oldest in Spain. This area is probably best known for producing Cava. It is also known for being the most open to experimenting with non-Spanish grape varietals – particularly Chardonnay, and red Bordeaux varietals – possibly because of its shared border with France.

Blau Nou S.L. is a multicultural team with a strong belief in creating artisanal products through sustainable practices. In fact, they have achieved the distinction of being the first Spanish winery to receive the ZeroCo2 certification signifying that they have offset greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with established climate care standards. “Throughout the entire winemaking process, from the vineyard to packaging and transportation, the winery has reduced its carbon footprint to zero.”

The 2011 vintage of Eccoci Blanco is a blend of 50% Roussanne, 30% Viognier, and 20% Petit Manseng. This is a perfect wine for crisp autumn days – it has the rich sultry aromas of fall –Asian pear, ripe melon, and a touch of floral lychee. The texture is silky and carries these aromas across the palate on a gentle wave of acidity with the slightest hint of savory salinity. Because of the fullness of this wine, attributed in part to the grapes themselves, as well as to extended sur-lie maceration; it can pair well with richer flavors and textures. Lobster and crab come to mind, as do the flavors of unctuous deep green olive oil and other savory Mediterranean treats.



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