Eating Like a Diva?

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I was thinking… A column that claims to teach you to “eat like a diva” should start the New Year by giving you an idea of what that might mean. So, in an attempt to put this into words (hopefully interesting, insightful ones!), I’ll start with some Diva Facts from Jackie Gordon of Divalicious, Inc. (

Fact #1: Divas are very good at what they do (Damn Straight!)
Fact #2: Divas are passionate about their craft (among other things… hmmm!)
Fact #3: Divas are demanding (Duh!)
Fact #4: Divas are GREAT COOKS! (my personal favorite)
eating like a divaTo continue, I’d like to quote Ms. Gordon once again …
“I have always had high expectations about what I am willing to put in my mouth.” (Go ahead… snicker, LOL, or whatever!) How true… and on so many levels! I think that statement (overt sexual connotations aside) may sum up the essence of eating like a diva.

Eating and drinking (and sex) are basic necessities of human life. Unfortunately, that does not ensure that any of them will be enjoyable. There are way too many people out there who are willing to accept and even expect mediocre or bad dining experiences as the norm… they have low or no expectations of what they put in their mouths! These poor souls have not learned that eating and drinking are fabulously sensual experiences that begin with the thrill of love at first sight, then tease and entice through aroma and texture, and culminate in the mouth with a climax of all the senses, satiating hunger, providing nourishment and pleasure.

Divas, on the other hand, are demanding by nature. They have high expectations of themselves, as well as everything and everyone else that cross their paths. No experience is so mundane that it should be less than perfect. From selecting the right pair of shoes in the perfect shade of black to accentuate the saucy twinkle in her eye, to selecting the ripest, most tantalizing heirloom tomato for her Caprese salad, a Diva does it all with passion and style. No wonder Divas are great cooks… they know that being demanding about the quality of the ingredients they select then preparing them with passion will lead to a dining experience worthy of their exquisite mouths!

Since it is the middle of winter and perfect heirloom tomatoes are only happy memories or dreams of the summer to come, I’ll end this with a Diva-worthy winter recipe that you will be happy to put in your mouth… or someone else’s, if you’re lucky!

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