tea forte coconut teas with the health benefits of coconut

Drinking the Health Benefits of Coconut with These Elegant Teas

We have an addiction to Tea forté. As a beverage company, it really brings everything to the table as far as we’re concerned: innovative products, on-trend design, luxurious packaging, delicious flavors and now they’ve added health benefits of coconut to the list. Sure, it could be argued that there are health benefits to many brewed beverages of the leaf. But frankly, green tea (as well as well-steeped black) is an acquired taste… And speaking of flavor, Tea forté’s coconut teas deliver great flavor along with some of the health benefits of coconut. We will acknowledge that the benefits of of sipping a coconut tea aren’t as pronounced as those found in coconut water. But then coconut water never tasted so alluring as Tea forté’s Coconut Chocolate Truffle, or the Coconut Chai Latte, or the Coconut Mango Colada.

For more information, or to order your first taste of coconut tea, visit the Tea forté website.

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