Divinum Wine Fair 2017

Divinum Wine Fair–a place to discover wine world hidden gems

Come to Lake Geneva for a taste of artisan winemaking

True wine lovers are known to travel to the ends of the earth to taste something great. But we’ve found a wine fair that doesn’t require travel to the end of the earth–just Switzerland. The Divinum Wine Fair invites wine lovers from around the world to Lake Geneva to taste some of the best of artisan, European wines. The event will also feature gourmet artisans of edibles like Fromagerie Gourmande, who will be on hand to take visitors into the world of traditional Gruyere. This year’s fair will offer a special highlight on the wines and gourmet foods of Sardinia. Sardinian vintners will introduce participants to some of their region’s traditional grapes like Giro and Cannonau. And Sardinian food producers will showcase their traditional olive oils, pastas and more.

The details

The fair, scheduled for April 5-10, 2017, will be held in the historic town of Morges, near Lausanne. The town is considered the capital of Vaud wines. (We think it makes for the perfect jumping off point for some romantic wine country exploration.)

Get your tickets

For more information and to learn how to purchase tickets, visit myswitzerland.com.


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