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Discover One of the Best Superfoods (have you heard of moringa?)

Not all Superfoods are the same

Can any one “Superfood” be better than another? True, they’re all packed with nutrients But when it comes to your libido, moringa is one of the best superfoods you can feed your body. And thanks to Kuli Kuli, makers of a pure moringa vegetable powder, we’ve discovered an easy way to guarantee that you’re body’s getting all the good stuff it needs.

Discover moringa

What is moringa? It’s is a plant native to parts of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s actually an important food source for fighting malnutrition in parts of Asia and Africa. The leaves can be used like spinach or dried and turned into a powder. The oil is also used in food, perfume and hair products. Not only is it rich in antioxidants and minerals, it’s also a source of protein.

Kuli Kuli Moringa PowderAlthough we’d heard of moringa and the promises that it can aid in a long list of ailments from fatigue to a low libido, we hadn’t tried it until Kuli Kuli sent us a sampling of their products. A manufacturer of high-quality moringa products, Kuli Kuli is the vision of a former Peace Corps volunteer. And she discovered it as a volunteer in Niger. Today, Kuli Kuli makes a variety of moringa bars, teas and energy shots as well as the superfood in its pure, powdered version.

Why Kuli Kuli?

Although any of Kuli Kuli’s products will help boost energy and feed your body a variety of important nutrients, it’s the pure moringa powder that’s our kind of superfood. One tablespoon of this powder is equal to a full serving of leafy greens. We will say that the powder has a very distinct, rather bitter flavor and weed-like aroma. But part of the reason we really like the powder is because it mixes brilliantly into soups and smoothies. And each serving offers 50% of your daily iron plus protein, fiber, vitamin A and potassium. It really lives up to it’s reputation as one of the world’s best superfoods!

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