dining in the dark

Dining in the Dark Las Vegas–experience the sensuality of dining out

Dining in the dark? It’s a concept that gained popularity a few years ago. Some feel that by eliminating the sense of sight, the other senses have a better opportunity to focus on the sensuality of a meal. And we love the idea of focusing on the sensuality of a meal.

But Twist by Pierre Gagnaire is taking the concept and adding a new visual layer: the jewel-like glow of Las Vegas at night. The restaurant, located on the twenty-third floor of the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, will be turning out the lights. On February 8 and March 8, 2017, guests can reserve a table to experience dining in the dark Las Vegas style. The only light by which diners will have to gaze upon one another will come from the glow of glittering Strip, twenty-three floors below.

Without cell phones, neon and the eye-candy Vegas dining rooms tend to offer to distract, guests will have the chance to focus on Chef Gagnaire’s modern French cuisine in a whole new way.

For more information on Twist or to reserve your table for dining in the dark, visit the Mandarin Oriental website.


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