Daily Decadence: off the bookshelf and outside the box

Quirky, non-linear, compassionate and perhaps dabbling in genius, it is hard to pin down the exact nature of artist Sherri Dobay’s Daily Decadence the art of sensual living. The work combines Dobay’s dabblings in wine, cooking, love, sex, sketching and being in California’s Wine Country. It includes a cookbook component (we should add that we haven’t yet road tested the recipes; however find many mouthwatering in concept). Most of the recipes are recreations of memories from indulgent and inspiring days in Dobay’s life–a great way to eat in our estimation. It also includes her “perfect” wine pairings with rather poetic tasting notes (and we must add that Dobay has access to a rather impressive cellar!) Although we’re yet to find a definition for the exact nature of the book, we definitely enjoy it for its sensual reflections and appreciate its attempt at the notion of self help. Whether or not we totally understand it, we dig it.