dinner ideas for two with Diane Brown
Planning a romantic meal can be stressful. But Chef Diane Brown, author of The Seduction Cookbook, simplifies it all for you. Her  step-by-step dinner ideas for two give you all the steps to execute a memorable romantic meal or a great date night for a dinner party with your favorite couples.

Diane Brown is a personal chef, author, freelance food writer and tv personality. Her work has appeared in Bon Appetit, Sunset and Veggie Life. She’s taught Dick Clark how to cook with aphrodisiacs on television and countless couples how to prepare romantic meals in cooking classes across Los Angeles. 


Fifty Ways to Feed Your Lover

Diva Dish with Diane Brown Yes, there are 50. Best of all, there are also recipes Chef and aphrodisiac cookbook author Diane Brown knows a thing or two about creating romance in the kitchen. This Valentine’s Day, she offers her favorite ways–all 50 of them, for feeding your lover.

hummus to feed your lover

Fifty Ways to Feed Your Lover–-recipes for lovers

Diva Dish with chef Diane Brown fifty ways to feed your lover (or three easy recipes including an aphrodisiac cocktail!) View all fifty – yes, there really are fifty – or just start cooking with these three easy recipes for lovers:

heat up the Holidays with garlic, ginger and chile

Asian Persuasion–a romantic New Year’s Eve menu with a bit of spice

A celebration menu that captures the romance of the Orient by Diane Brown The principle taste sensations of Asian flavors?: hot, salty, sour and sweet. But naughty and nice? I’m looking for a fresh way to hail the New Year without the requisite over-indulgence guilt, and an Asian-themed New Year’s Eve menu seems like the […]


Asian Persuasion Romantic New Year’s Eve Menu and Recipes

Diva Dish with Diane Brown This romantic New Year’s Eve menu is inspired by the exotic flavors of the Orient. The idea is to chase away any winter chill while exciting the senses with the aphrodisiacs of the far East. The menu serves 2–the idea, after all, is to make a romantic connection. But if you’d […]


Fennel, Asparagus and Artichoke Bottom Empanadas Recipe

Empanadas recipe by Diane Brown This beautiful recipe is a part of a larger story Diane created for us on aphrodisiac tapas. Empanadas are savory bundles found in Spanish and many Latin cultures. The name comes from the Spanish word empanar, roughly meaning to wrap or coat in bread. Diane’s version of these little savory […]