Citrusy Sauvignon Blanc that Looks as Good as it Tastes

2016 Pomelo, Sauvignon Blanc, California

Wine of the Week by Annette Tomei

The average consumer purchases wine based on a few basic factors – price, familiarity, and appearance. What’s in a label? Should it be classic, traditional in style? Or, maybe bright and shiny, have fuzzy critters, or purple velvet? Personally, I enjoy the inclusion of art and well-chosen words.

Pomelo may have my favorite wine label right now… I love the richly colored drawing on the front, and the back label keeps it simple. It tells us that a pomelo is a “giant citrus fruit native to Malaysia and thought to be ancestor to the grapefruit… plus, it’s just fun to say.” Learn a little something, but don’t forget that this is all about ease and enjoyment. Before I even tasted the wine, I had a good feeling about my purchase.

Of course, knowing that there is an affiliation with Mason Cellars – one of Napa Valley’s most respected producers of Sauvignon Blanc, helps. Pomelo was founded by Randy and Megan Mason. The grapes for this citrusy Sauvignon Blanc are sourced from Lake County, Lodi, and Monterey. The wines are bottled and cellared by Mason Cellars. If you’re not able to spring for one of their first label wines, this is a lovely alternative.

Pomelo - a citrusy Sauvignon Blanc

About this Wine

This wine is a blend of 97% Sauvignon Blanc with 3% Chenin Blanc that softens the tartness of the Sauvignon Blanc and adds a whisper of grace to the aromatics. The color is pale straw and crystal clear. The aromas of ripe citrus, cool melon, and stone fruit are certainly appealing to a winter-weary soul eager to get on with summer. On the palate, this wine is juicy and smooth with flavors of white peach and ripe citrus, as well as a hint of orange blossom.

I’ve been sipping this citrusy Sauvignon Blanc all by itself. It’s an easy wine to enjoy with good company. It’s also a great choice with nibbles like fresh mozzarella and tomatoes on crusty baguette, homemade hummus with crunchy garden vegetables, or a fresh goats milk cheese with citrus-marinated olives and fresh herbs. Also, try it with a take-out rotisserie chicken and a salad – the price point is right for mid-week savor, and the screw cap makes it easy to save a bit for the next night.

The Verdict

This is an easy one… it’s pretty, and it’s pretty delicious. With an ABV of 13% and average price of $12/bottle, it is also a great wine to stock up on as a house white for the summer (and beyond).


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