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Adagio Teas Citrus Yerba Mate Tea–healing and aphrodisiac

What is yerba mate?

Yerba mate, (pronounced yerb-uh mah-tay). has a reputation as one of the world’s best healing foods. The leaves and twigs of this shrub, which is native to South America, are loaded with antioxidants. They’re also considered excellent for the immune system. In addition, Mate is a source of vitamins A and E as well as several B vitamins.

Yerba mate is most commonly used in a brewed infusion to freshen breath, alleviate headaches and as an aid to weight loss. It is also believed to improve mental ability and focus. And, most importantly, it’s considered a potent aphrodisiac. Although modern science hasn’t pinpointed its aphrodisiac abilities yet, I believe the plant’s aphrodisiac reputation is likely due to mate’s caffeine and theobromine content. As with coffee, the caffeine in mate not only offers the body a surge of energy, it elevates mood. But unlike coffee, mate also contains theobromine, the same alkaloid that helps give chocolate its aphrodisiac reputation.

Making mate approachable

By all accounts, yerba mate is a super plant. So why aren’t more of us using it? Well, part of the reason is that its health benefits are most easily harnessed through a brewed infusion or yerba mate tea simply called mate. Unfortunately, the flavor of mate is a strong one and not one to which most people are drawn. An “acquired taste,” you might say.

However, it’s a flavor that can be enhanced (or disguised) by blending yerba mate leaves with other, more palate pleasing flavors, like those in Adagio Teas Citrus Yerba Mate tea. And that would be why I’ve selected this tea as one of our featured products!

A fragrant and approachable brew, it combines Argentine yerba mate with the tang of orange, lemon and dried sunflower petals. The citrus and floral notes mellow the strong flavor of mate. If you’re a fan of green tea with a bit of citrus, I think you’ll be able to appreciate this brew.

To get your citrus yerba mate tea

If you’re already a fan of the many benefits of yerba mate, you should be sure to  also check out Adagio Tea’s Gaucho Mate Chai blend and Mango Mate. For more information on all of these intriguing mate blends, check out the Adagio Teas website.



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