Chefs’ Favorite Aphrodisiac Dishes–the sexy perspective on meatopia 2011

Is Meatopia an Aphrodisiac?
favorite aphrodisiac dishes

Is Meatopia an Aphrodisiac?

What began a few years ago as an over-the-top birthday celebration for Josh Ozersky (aka Mr. Cutlets), has grown to a celebration of all things meat. This year, chefs from across the country gathered on a pier in Brooklyn the size of three football fields on, arguably, one of the hottest days in NYC history (and we’re talking sweaty, not sexy hot).

Eat Something Sexy contributor, Chef Annette Tomei, through her affiliation with The International Culinary Center (nee The French Culinary Institute), was behind the scenes throughout the process, working (and playing) with many of the participating chefs.

Her assignment: “What are the favorite aphrodisiac dishes of the star chefs of Meatopia 2011?”

As you can imagine, in this meat-centric crowd, animal products of all sorts took center stage! Here are a few of the responses that went beyond the popular (and obvious) “Bacon” that are appropriate for print, (chefs, notoriously, have dirty, dirty minds)…

Adam Sappington, Country Cat, Portland, Oregon: Fried Chicken, any time! [hmmm… has somebody been reading the recent Grub Street article comparing fried chicken and cocaine?]

Jackie Sappington (Adam’s wife and business partner – and biscuit baker extrordinaire): juicy peaches – love the smell, the texture, and the dripping juiciness

Chris Hastings (Hot and Hot Fish Club, Birmingham, AL): white peaches – especially their floral summery aroma when they are perfectly ripe

Lee Anne Wong (Culinary Diva, Top Chef Season 1, Cooking Channel et al, NYC): anything cooked in pork fat, and of course Mangalista Bacon – especially on a stick (eating with your fingers is very important)

Tara O’Keeffe (“Fun, Fearless Foodie” blogger): custard w black truffle broth & Dungeness crab from David Bouley’s new restaurant Brushstroke

Brad Farmerie (Public and Double Crown restaurants, NYC – hot enough to be an aphrodisiac himself!): Any food eaten without having to get dressed, especially breakfast in bed (Can we join you???)

Sean Brock (Husk, Charleston, SC): BBQ (pig of course), cornbread & whiskey

Bobby Helen (Resto and soon opening Canibal, NYC): salad w grilled peaches or watermelon and silky fat of some sort – pork belly? Can’t do just foie gras… too simple!

Janet Crandall (Chef instructor at French Culinary Institute and apprentice butcher with Pat LaFrieda): [definitely the most unusual answer of the day] anything with cocktail sauce!

Paul Denamiel (Le Rivage, NYC): A picnic basket composed of a jar of Nutella, strawberries, fresh baguette, and cold bottle of red wine – yes, cold!

Perhaps it was the heat pervading the atmosphere of Meatopia 2011 or maybe its simply a reflection of the workings in the minds of chefs but we thoroughly enjoyed the ease with which some of our favorite kitchen icons linked food and sex on that steamy, summer day. Big thanks to everyone who weighed in, (including those whose thoughts on aphrodisiacs were far too salacious for print)!

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