Chateau de Trinquevedal Reserve Rosé Label

Château de Trinquevedel Reserve Rosé – the darker side of rosé

2017 Château de Trinquevedel Traditional Reserve Rosé, Tavel AOC, France

Wine of the Week with Annette Tomei

I read recently about the importance of the color of a rosé to its shelf appeal in the American market. It seems that Americans now prefer a much paler, almost salmony pink hue to the deeper shades of blue-tinged pink. It seems they associate the latter with sweetness – the curse of the dreaded White Zinfandel. Simply put, they are wrong. Case in point?: Château de Trinquevedel Traditional Reserve Rosé.

The shade and depth of color of rosé come from at least two factors – contact between the juice and the skins of dark grapes, and the pH level of the wine. Longer skin contact means more extraction, or depth of color as well as flavor and structural components. The pH level can affect the actual shade of pink. Wines with higher pH (lower acidity) are more orange or salmon colored. Wines with lower pH (higher Chateau de Trinquevedal Reserve Rosé Bottle Shotacidity) tend to have more blue to the pink. This, of course, is a very simplified explanation. You can read the more HERE.

About this wine

Tavel is a rosé-producing appellation in the southern Rhone Valley. The climate is hot and dry. Fruit here ripens easily and develops intense color and aromatic properties. The rosés are made from traditional Rhone red grapes. Château de Trinquevedel is a blend of 57% Grenache, 15% Clairette, 11% Cinsault, 11% Syrah, 5% Mourvèdre, and 1% Bourboulenc.

The blend of thick, dark skinned grapes yields a deep bluish-red-pink hued rosé. Initial aromas are restrained, but on the palate it’s a different story. This is a medium plus bodied rosé with great structure and balance. Flavors of ripe red raspberry, strawberry, and red cherry are made more complex with a pleasant minerality and mild tannic astringency.

Because of its richness, Château de Trinquevedel rosé can stand up to a bit of fattiness in food. Try it with a tartine of smoked salmon or gravlax and cream cheese with shaved watermelon radishes and fresh herbs. It’s also a great choice with a juicy burger and crispy fries, or simple pasta with marinara sauce.

The verdict

I like all kinds of rosés, but I do have a preference for the deeper colored (fuller bodied) bluer hued (higher acidity) wines. Château de Trinquevedel is one of my favorites. At about $15-18/bottle, this is a great choice for experimenting with the darker side of rosé.

Note: A new rosé season is nearly upon us, and the 2018 vintage will be arriving soon. As of the time of publication, the 2017 vintage was still in stores.

Want to try this wine? It’s available from

And if you want a recipe to go with your Château de Trinquevedel rosé, check out this Sexy Poached Salmon in Rosé Wine Sauce.


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