Twinkie Sushi

Twinkie Sushi

Chef Annette Tomei

Eat & Tell with Annette Tomei

Annette’s Twinkie Sushi Recipe

Dressing a Twinkie up as sushi may be more perverse than sexy but it’s also about the most fun you can have with a cream filled, vanilla sponge log.


Twinkies, unwrapped
Green Fruit Roll-ups, unwrapped & unrolled
Red Twizzlers, cut into 1-inch bits
Jelly Bellies, cut in halves

Twinkie SushiDirections:

Wrap Twinkies in a single layer of green fruit rolls. Seal the seam by dabbing lightly with water and pressing the overlapping fruit roll together. Trim the excess.

Cut these into 1 inch slices, careful not to smoosh them!
Insert one Twizzler bit into each slice then arrange a few Jelly Belly pieces to create the image of your favorite sushi roll.

Serve on a small plate with crossed chopsticks… those plastic things that are supposed to look like grass are a bonus!


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