Taylor Fladgate 2009 Vintate Port

Campfire and Port Wine

woman on wine with amy reiley

It might seem a little strange that I’m choosing to recommend Port in the middle of summer. But I was recently invited to preview the 2011 vintage of Port (which is likely to be the most talked about Port vintage of recent years, by the way and it got me
thinking about Port and campfires. Think about a late summer evening in front of a campfire, the night chill starting to seep in at the edges of the firelight. You can reach for a blanket to throw over your shoulders as the nighttime chill creeps in… Or you can pour a round of Port, a fortified wine style known for the heat it brings as it slides down the throat. I don’t know about you, but I think wool is scratchy but Port is silky smooth!

2007 Fonseca Vintage Port
It is as plush as drinking the finest velvet. Although it is dense with flavors of black fruits and dark chocolate, an interesting herbal note keeps the tongue from getting lost in sweet richness.

Port wine2007 Qunita do Noval Vintage Port
Bright yet intense with a lovely variety of tart red and sweet black berries and cherries on the palate. It is well-structured and straightforward with tons of great fruit.

2009 Croft Vintage Port
Sexy with hints of tropical fruits and sweaty leather on the nose. Dates and green almond flavors mingle with berry jam on the tongue.

2009 Taylor Fladgate Vintage Port
If ever there were an after dinner drink to make a lady swoon, this would be the drink. Floral on the nose with intense blackberry and chocolate flavors it’s a Port that is strong as a man with distinctly feminine highlights.


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