Calistoga Winter Wine Passport

Wine, Mud and Romance with the Calistoga Winter Wine Passport

Calistoga is a quintessential Wild West town in the heart of California’s Napa Valley. And this place offers everything you need for a romantic winter break. There’s hot springs and world class spas. Think mud baths and bubbly, hiking, shopping and pampering. And, of course, you can’t forget the award-winning wineries. (Did you know that Chateau Montelena, Schramsberg Cellars and Sterling Vineyards are all in Calistoga?)

Why you need the Calistoga winter wine passport

In addition to all that, this gem of a town also offers celebrated restaurants, boutique hotels and centers of holistic healing. Read the Visit Calistoga Wellness Blog to learn more about the town’s metaphysical side. What we like most about this funky little town is the laid-back vibe it exudes as compared with the rest of Napa. So, if this sounds like the kind of escape you’re craving, check out the Calistoga Winter Wine Passport for substantial savings while you spark romance.

The Details

Update: Although we featured the 2016-2017 edition of the Calistoga Winter Wine Passport, this product is an annual deal, available every December/January. For the upcoming passport, you’ll need to check with the Visit Calistoga website. The passport varies slightly from year to year but it is always a remarkable deal.

The Passport offer runs from December 3, 2016-February 5, 2017 and includes complimentary tasting at 15 Calistoga wineries, including famed Chateau Montelena. Additional perks include discounts on shopping and lodging. The passports are on sale now for $50 through (You must be 21+ to purchase/use the Calistoga Winter Wine Passport.) 

And if you’re looking for the most opulent, one-of-a-kind Calistoga accommodation, be sure to check out The Francis House. It is, without question, the most romantic place to stay in town, whether you’re using a Calistoga Winter Wine Passport or not!



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