Borneo Identity

Borneo may not be on your list of best places to see before you die but it is on the beaten track enough to be worthy of consideration should wild adventure, nature and lots of romantic beach time be on your list of do’s.

For starters, finding it may be a trick as it is part of but across the South China Sea from the Malaysia peninsula. Its borders also butt Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines at its northernmost island reach.

But the Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah are surprisingly modern, alive, easy to get to from the Malaysian capital and full of rare wildlife and jungle adventure for those who seek something different.

While the sound of Borneo brings images of Brando lying in the darkness mouthing “the horror, the horror,” the most exotic element of such a visit could be the head hunter’s museum or Monsopiad Village in Sbah where a 17th century community of a famed warrior of the time is recreated, complete with a display of head-drying poles at the entrance and 42 trophy skulls unearthed around the area.

Surprisingly, most of the visitors from the U.S. that come to Borneo are either adventure travelers on river safaris or seasoned seniors who have seen it all and want to see even more. They find here, dense jungles with rivers revealing rare birds and wildlife, indigenous, backwater tribes still steeped in tradition and ruled by superstition, caves to explore, mountains to trek (Mt. Kinabalu is the highest peak in Asia before the Himalayas), wild orangutans to observe, diving to be done in the cobalt blue Sulu Sea and an array of fine resorts hugging the pristine coastal areas.

For travel plans and tourism information:
Malaysia Airlines: 800-552-9264 (toll free from US)
Malaysia Tourism: 800-336-6842 (toll free from US)


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