About Charlie

What Charlie AteSince his first bowl of oatmeal with homemade applesauce, Charlie has been fascinated with food. I don’t dare rush his mealtime, which can take up to 1 1/2 hours. Charlie’s favorite thing to do, besides going swimming, is to dine in a restaurant.

We’ve tried giving him a wide variety of food and he rarely says no. He loves foods that taste terrible to me (beets) and relishes every new flavor. I am already obsessed with food but this experience has given me a new fascination with the human relationship to food. Although this all probably makes me sound like a child-absorbed, over indulgent parent, I’m starting this blog on his first birthday to record what Charlie ate.

If nothing else, when he goes to school and realizes that broccoli isn’t cool, I’ll have documented proof that he used to eat it.–Charlie’s Mom

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