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September – October 2014 (the NO days)

Charlie has entered what I like to call his “Green Eggs and Ham Phase.”

“I not like that,” and “no.” are the most common words heard at the table. He says fried chicken is yucky and he no longer likes tomato sauce, plums, rice or noodles. He even developed an aversion to peanut butter, though that was short lived. One day he says he likes a food, such as scrambled eggs but three days later he’ll refuse a single bite.

He does, at least, still agree to try new foods–although he hasn’t liked a single one. He’s tried guava and various types of melon, Thai curry, steamed crab, vegetarian lasagna and vanilla almond milk among others, all of which were greeted with a “yuck” or “I not like.”

This face has become a common instillation at the dining table:

9:14 frowny face

Since this has been such a dark period for our culinary life, there is no sense in writing a daily diary of his gastronomic escapades. It would be quite grim. (It even included a box of mac ‘n cheese, bought in desperation. Don’t worry, he not like it.) There were a few highlights, which will be featured in separate posts, once Mom finds the inspiration to celebrate food again.