Can I Pet You? Picnic

Charlie enjoyed an afternoon of swimming at our friend Shayne’s apartment building’s pool. (It might be important to mention here that Shayne is female.) After the dip, Mom, Dad, Shayne and Charlie enjoyed a picnic of sheeps’ milk cheese, salami, pretzel bread and guacamole with┬áchips on her living room floor. Only Charlie seemed to be too enamored with Shayne to care much for food. “Can I pet you,” he asked. And so he did.

9:12:14 can I pet you?

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Charlie's Mom is a food writer fascinated with taste and our preferences for certain foods. Her son Charlie has taught her a great deal about the pleasures of food. Thank's to Charlie's eagerness to experience new tastes and enjoyment of a wildly varying diet, she's beginning to think that many "acquired tastes" are actually myth.