Dinner Emergency

After a long day of swimming and ice skating (this is how you beat the heat in Southern California), Charlie and Mom were too tired for a real dinner. So Mom put Charlie in his high chair with a glass of ice cold rice milk and handed him a chocolate protein bar. She turned her back and THUMP. Between the time it took her to turn around and ask, “What was that?,” the chihuahua had inhaled the protein bar… chocolate. Charlie thought it would be funny to throw it on the floor and make a THUMP. Mom, not so amused, rushed the dog to the bathroom to administer a dose of hydrogen peroxide. Of course, she’d forgotten that the dog had taken up the habit of biting since the last time he helped himself to cacao. It took two neighbors to hold the dog down but the peroxide was administered, the dog’s stomach evacuated and Charlie served a fresh, non-chocolate protein bar. Fun.

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Charlie's Mom is a food writer fascinated with taste and our preferences for certain foods. Her son Charlie has taught her a great deal about the pleasures of food. Thank's to Charlie's eagerness to experience new tastes and enjoyment of a wildly varying diet, she's beginning to think that many "acquired tastes" are actually myth.