Monthly Archives: August 2014

Party Drink

Charlie enjoyed meeting his relatives at the family reunion but the best part might have been trying his first ginger ale. (Family reunions are always good for a little junk food!)

8:31:14 soda


The make-your-own gas station milk shake was so good that Charlie wanted to go back for another. This time, the flavor was chocolate malt. Charlie was supposed to share with Daddy.

8:30:14 chocolate shake

How much shake do you think Daddy drank?


Playgrounds are excellent for negotiations. Since Charlie suddenly has an aversion to fruit, Mom and Dad count the consumption of the daily “green drink” to feed their kid his nutrients. Today, the kid was not in the mood to cooperate. So while he was in a good mood, pumping away on a big boy swing Mom laid a¬†proposal on Charlie: drink your green drink and we’ll go get ice cream. Charlie agreed, as long as he could drink in the bouncy fish.

8:29:14 juice

His effort was rewarded with dark chocolate chunk frozen yogurt with peanut butter sauce.

8:29:14 ice cream

Location-Specific Foods

This morning Charlie surprised Mom by requesting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the sofa. He ate the whole thing.
8:26:14 peanut butter jelly time
It must be a location-specific food because Charlie has never enjoyed a peanut butter sandwich before if it included jelly.

Later in the day he enjoyed a bunch of grapes on the beach. Again, this must be a location-specific food because he’s been refusing grapes for days.
8:26:14 grapes on the beach

Mimi’s Birthday Eve

Charlie’s grandmother knows how to do a birthday. The celebration started one day early when Uncle Davey came to town for a special dinner at Chillingsworth.

First, there were snacks at the bar with Uncle Davey.
8:24:14 chillingsworth bar

(Charlie tried the foie gras.)
8:24:14 foie gras

Then he did some light reading in the library. (That’s the room in which we were dining.)
8:24:14 chillingsworth 1

His favorite course was the pasta with lobster cream sauce.
8:24:14 chillingsworth 2

Unfortunately, he fell asleep before the raspberry souffle.
8:24:14 chillingsworth 3

Blueberries and Yogurt and Duck Butter Day

It was a great food day in Charlie’s world. First, he had frozen yogurt with “crunchies” when we went to the mall to see the ponies (carousel).

8:22:14 fro yo

Then he learned how to pick blueberries.

8:22:14 picking blueberres

For dinner there was a feast of cheese and foie gras mousse, or duck butter as Charlie calls it.

8:22:14 foie gras feast

Charlie liked the duck butter best.

8:22:14 duck butter