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Pickle and Hummus Picnic

Mom planned a picnic. At Charlie’s request, there were ham sandwiches.

Guess what Charlie wouldn’t touch?: ham sandwiches.

But he did enjoy the cornichon.
7:30:14 picnic pickle

Then, when it became clear that he wasn’t about to touch the ham, Mom unpacked from her bag a small package of pretzels and a container of hummus. Well you would have thought it was Christmas morning when Charlie’s eyes lit upon that hummus. He grabbed the container with complete disregard for the pretzels and laid back to enjoy his treasure.
7:30:14 picnic 1

Yes, that’s how to do a picnic!

7-30-14 picnic 2

The Trader Joe’s Buffet

It was a record-setting day at Trader Joe’s. Charlie managed to consume:

1/2 a toaster waffle
2 large strawberries
1/2 a banana
2 Baby Bell cheese “moons”
several multi-grain pita crisps

He also hammed it up for the camera.
7:28:14 trader joe's

Living Room Surprise

Charlie, Mom and Dad had planned a picnic in the park but the weather was humid with thunder–not really picnic in the park weather. So while Charlie and Dad played outside, Mom made a picnic surprise on the living room floor.

There were bagel sandwiches, celery, pretzels, melon and berries and Kipper and his plush friends brought three kinds of cookies.

7:27:14 living room picnic 2

The only thing missing was a shirt. Charlie was too hot for clothes.

Backyard Picnic

Mom had planned a picnic but Charlie wanted to stay at home and play with the garden hoses so they improvised a backyard picnic, (complete with hoses).

7:25:14 backyard picnic

Charlie enjoyed the celery and pretzels, unfortunately, the dog ate all of his peanut noodles when nobody was looking!

Curse You, Seuss!

Mom could not figure out why Charlie’s new favorite phrase when it comes to food is, “I not like this.” He started the previous night when offered chicken apple sausage and it continued this morning with French toast and bananas. (These are all foods he has enjoyed for the past year.) Finally, Mom got to the heart of the matter. Charlie read Green Eggs and Ham at Wednesday’s library story hour. What was Dr. Seuss thinking? Did he not realize he was playing with verbal fire? Mom not like Charlie’s new weapon in the battle of mealtime vs a toddler’s will.

Today at Trader Joe’s… a Carrot

Charlie pointed to a bag of “baby” carrots in the produce section of Trader Joe’s and proclaimed, “A carrot! I need to eat a carrot.” What parent would say no to that? (Bear in mind, Charlie has never, ever reached for a carrot.)

7:23:14 today at tj's

Mom ate most of the carrot but at least he tried. he also ate half a banana and about 3 ounces of goat’s milk cheddar before leaving the store.