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French Pizza Night

We had a ham, Raclette and cornichon crepe for dinner or, as Charlie calls it, French pizza! Charlie picked out a pint of raspberries at the market to enjoy on the side.

french pizza


The ham is the first meat Charlie’s eaten since he started getting his two year molars.

eating french pizza

A Very Chocolate Birthday

What Charlie Ate is one year old. Oh, and Charlie is two today!

The day started with whole wheat pancakes with chocolate spread and finger raspberries.

chocolate pancakes

Then it was off to Disneyland, (California Adventure).

For his snack, Charlie enjoyed a chocolate-covered Mickey Mouse on a stick.

mickey ice cream

As soon as he finished, he asked for an ice cream cone. His motivation became clear when he wanted nothing but ice for lunch: teething. (He did manage some pasta with tomato sauce and a cheese stick.)

california adventure lunch

In the late afternoon, he got that ice cream cone. It was chocolate, of course. Despite the fact that he requested a cone, Charlie insisted on eating most of it with a spoon.

There was no room for dinner.

Happy birthday chocolate-covered child!

Best Food Moment of the Day

Introducing the Finger Raspberry:

Food for the Infirmed

Charlie was not feeling good today. I believe the medical term is “the sniffles.” After he rejected most of his lunch, we took a different approach to dinner, offering him a soothing frozen kefir bar.
ice cream popsicle

He ate two and a half. He was pleased as could be, saying, “Look Mommy–ice cream popsicle!”

Then, spotting half an avocado on the counter and said, “Eat it?” He put his popsicle down and proceeded to scoop the avocado out of the peel, eating the entire thing.
scooping avocado

Beach Picnic and a First

Charlie enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch at the beach (although he couldn’t wait to get to the sand before polishing off the raspberries).

beach picnic

(He’s gazing into the bowl hoping more will magically appear.)

After dinner, Charlie experienced his first chocolate cheesecake.

cheesecake bliss

It was a hit. He was covered from head to foot by the time he was done with it. And we really do mean foot.

cheesecake foot

(How did he get cheesecake all the way down there?)