Monthly Archives: April 2014

Morning Tea

Today Charlie was introduced to the civilized tradition of morning tea (or milk and cookies in this case). He enjoyed a vanilla macaron from Bouchon, from a package that a colleague was kind enough to share with Mom. Charlie was particularly proud that he was able to split it in half.

Bouchon Macaron


When Mom told Charlie they were going to Trader Joe’s, his response was, “Fava?” Apparently, he considers Trader Joe’s the place to get fava beans. So, in addition to eating a banana and oatmeal from the sample station in the store, he enjoyed this snack when we got home.

fava beans on the floor

Taste of the Tropics

Even though he’s home from Hawaii shouldn’t mean we can’t have a tropical treat. Charlie, Mom and Mimi (Charlie’s grandmother) went out for coconut frozen yogurt. Charlie requested his with chocolate (M&M’s). He also wanted to know if it was ice cream or yogurt.
coconut yogurt with m&m's

Sarah’s Last Day

In honor of Cousin Sarah’s last day on Kauai, we had an elegant breakfast on the terrace of the St. Regis hotel. The views were beautiful despite the constant rain. Charlie’s meal consisted mainly of watermelon and scrambled eggs.
watermelon at st. regis
We also took Sarah out to dinner. The meal wasn’t the most memorable. The best part was Charlie’s lei:
lei to dinner