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Hungry Monster

We could barely get Charlie to eat all day. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise when he turned into a tiny monster when we went shopping. “What’s wrong, Charlie? Don’t you feel good?” “Uh-uh” came the reply. If only he could have just said, “I’m hungry, stupid woman! You’ve starved me all day.”

So we picked up some Fritzi Dogs (quickest thing we could think of) and headed for home where Charlie proceeded to devour:

Half of this Fritzi Dog Bird Dog (Mom scooted all the onions and relish to her half)
fritzi dog
Oddly, he insisted on a deconstructed version. First, he played the bun like castanets.
fritzi dog deconstructed

Then he chewed the end of the dog like a cigar for several minutes before nibbling it down to a nub. Once he’d done away with the dog, he insisted on dip (hummus) for the bun. (And yes, that’s a Champagne cork he insisted must remain on his tray.)

Next, he consume 1/4 cup of pineapple spears, 5 oz of almond milk, a glass of water, four large strawberries, additional hummus with pretzels and a mini chocolate-dipped ice cream cone before he was done.

Short Rib Rillettes

If you’ve been following along, you know that Charlie does not like beef… Unless it’s a short rib rillette!
short rib rillette at bar bouchon

Finger-licking good!

Charlie’s grandmother took him to lunch at Bar Bouchon in Beverly Hills. He also ate white bean puree and more than his share of a rasbperry/blackberry frangipani tart.

Something New

Charlie tried a new look at breakfast:
(Who knew he could pull of the headband look?)

And he tried a new food at dinner.
ice cream cone

This was Charlie’s first ice cream cone–although he actually refused to eat the cone. (Instead, he unrolled it and proceeded to lick the ice cream off.)


Mom brought home a (baked, not fried) donut from the Farmers’ Market to share with Charlie. It was covered with cinnamon and sugar. Who knew that could be a problem.

Charlie tried to pick up the donut and jerked his hands away. He waved them in the air, crying “Wipe! Wipe!”
donut sugar
Apparently, cinnamon and sugar make a donut dirty.

Eventually, the aroma was too good and Charlie just had to taste that donut, despite the dirty exterior.
donut happy
Clearly, he had no trouble getting over it.

Lunch on the Run

Charlie had to hold his bowl of banana and granola chunks in his lap while Mom drove (he didn’t drop one bite) so that he could spend lunchtime doing this:

(Worth it.)

He also enjoyed a cheese stick and some green juice at the rink.

Ate an Orange and a ‘Cado

Charlie at an entire orange in the park with the nanny. Won’t eat them at home! (Want to know her secret… )

Mom had a long day so there were sandwiches for dinner. Charlie ate half an avocado (or ‘cado) stuffed in his cheese sandwich.
cado sandwich

He had to make an “important” call in the middle of dinner but that didn’t stop him from cleaning his plate.