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Charlie went to Dad’s office to take him to lunch. (Ok, let’s be clear: Mom drove and Dad paid.) Since Denny’s is the closest restaurant to Dad’s office, we walked next door and parked ourselves in one of the classic, pleather booths.
Although Charlie did eat some chicken and avocado, the star of his lunch was the toothpick spearing the two halves of Mom’s sandwich:
He also enjoyed tasting Dad’s milkshake, (and blowing bubbles in the thick, tan drink with the shake’s fat straw.)

As for that fruit he speared on the toothpick, he tasted and immediately spit it back onto the plate. It appears that Charlie has already been spoiled by fresh, farmers’ market fruit.

Tastes Like Chicken

We’ve come to the realization that Charlie uses the word “chicken” to mean “meat I like.” Chicken could be pork loin, turkey breast or–surprisingly–pork and beef meatballs. The word for meat he doesn’t like (beef, lamb, ham, wild game) is “no.”

Cottage Cheese

Charlie tried cottage cheese today.

He was hesitant:
cottage cheese
But then he had a taste. (Seconds were in order):
cottage cheese smile
Also discovered that he loves rice noodles sauteed in butter until they get a slight crunch. Not sure if he actually likes the taste or if he just likes the sticky feeling between his fingers.

Lovely, Ordinary Day

Charlie enjoyed all the usual foods today:

waffles and fruit for breakfast
Don’t Go Nuts Chocolate Soy Butter on whole wheat for lunch with a side of banana yogurt and a green shake
Pasta for dinner with extra cheese and pineapple chunks.

One Big Treat

Today was a great food day. Charlie got to go for brunch with his aunt and uncle. He discovered the joys of toasted marshmallows, (from the wood oven at Olio–we’ve probably ruined him for propane bbq-toasted marshmallows for life). The fact that the marshmallows topped malted hot chocolate didn’t hurt.

olio hot chocolate

More was the word of the morning.

Charlie tries marshmallows

Next time, we’ll remember to give him the food after the hot chocolate.

bummed at brunch

Don’t worry. He cheered up when Daddy gave him a little cream pie with his bedtime milk.

bedtime pie

Car Snack

We wanted to take Charlie to the California Science Center so we gave him lunch in the car. He definitely enjoyed it.

lunch in the car


Maybe a little too much. He ate so much lunch he refused to eat dinner.

The Old Cookie Trick

Charlie refused to eat his dinner. He just kept playing with his toys. So Mom said, “If you eat your grapes, I’ll get you a cookie.” Grapes inhaled. So in order to keep the other end of the bargain, Mom invented an ak-mack “cookie” with the aid of Heshey’s new chocolate spread:

akmack cookie

The “cookie” was a serious hit:

chocolate cracker face

Oddly, that seemed to spark Charlie’s appetite and the “cookie” was followed by an adult-sized portion of grilled chicken, more grapes, orange segments and a glass of milk.