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A Classy New Year

Mom, Dad and their friends put together a lovely little buffet for New Year’s Eve. But Charlie and his friend Quinn wanted nothing to do with the kale puffs, mushroom turnovers or smoked salmon bites. Quinn wanted frozen macaroni and cheese. And since that was what Quinn was eating, that is what Charlie ate. (It was, incidentally, his first macaroni and cheese ever.) It was an especially beautiful presentation on a red paper plate, plastic film crumpled to the side. These kids really know how to do a holiday.
macaroni and cheese

Bison Bourguignon

Mom made Bison Bourguignon for dinner.
baby does not like bison bourguignon

Charlie would have none of it. At least, not what was on his plate. He wanted Mom’s bowl and not to eat the bison or vegetables. No, Charlie wanted to dip bread in the red wine gravy. And that is precisely what he ate for dinner.


Charlie is suddenly enamored with the idea of dip. His favorite dip is hummus. It’s all he wanted to eat for dinner. And when he decided that he doesn’t really like celery as much as he likes hummus, well…


After dinner (and smearing the camera lens), he showed Mommy his ice cream.

ice cream

Mimi Yogurt

Today Charlie wanted “Mimi yogurt” (yogurt the way his grandmother makes it) for lunch. It combines plain, Greek yogurt mixed with sweetened, vanilla yogurt. Mom topped it with granola since she didn’t have the Grapenuts Mimi mixed in. Charlie ate a large bowl:
mimi yogurt
(The pleasure of lunch also required red ranunculus and a miniature bowling pin.)

Driving Day

It was a long day in the car (8 1/2 hours). Charlie decided it was a good time to feed his growth spurt. He ate:

a bowl of Cheerios
1 large banana
6 oz almond milk
2 glasses of water
10 pumpernickel pretzel sticks
2 oz cheddar cheese cubes
some grapes
1 sand tart cookie
1 of his Mimi’s icing cookies

By the time he got home, he was sitting in a bed of crumbs.

Christmas Caviar

Like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day was filled with a medley of delicious foods.

Charlie experienced his first sugar overload when Mom and Dad let him eat an iced cinnamon bar cookie and a bag of tiny, colored marshmallows from his stocking while opening presents. (Nap time began with a crash.)

Then there were the crab cakes at the Peju family Christmas dinner, his first crab cakes and an absolute hit. Can’t say the same for the Honeybaked ham, which was a crowd pleaser but a definite reject in Charlie’s book.

However, the highlight of the day, perhaps Charlie’s favorite moment of Christmas, was having breakfast in his grandmother’s bed: buttered toast and caviar she served him from a shell spoon. Merry Christmas, Santa Charlie.

caviar in bed

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a day of fun foods:

Mimi yogurt (vanilla with Grapenuts) for breakfast
Chocolate meat for lunch (mole pork from Casa del Mole)
Cinnamon pie dough pinwheels at a party in the afternoon

But the best part was definitely the grand finale, the freshly baked chocolate raspberry cake. He practically licked the plate clean.
chocolate raspberry cake


Charlie’s aunt and uncle took him out to dinner. Too bad he didn’t have much of an afternoon nap.┬áHe ate some octopus:


…and then mom had to take him to the car (with a cookie) to sleep while everyone finished dinner.