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‘Nola and Yogurt and a Girl

Charlie loves granola (‘nola) and he loves yogurt. But he’d never tried the two together until lunch today. HIs mind might be blown.

Thanksgiving leftover night with his friend Quinn… Charlie and Quinn ate an entire bowl of pistachios. (Not much else.) But Charlie sure enjoyed sharing Quinn’s sparkling pomegranate juice:




In case it hasn’t been clear up to this point, Charlie loves to eat. His first Thanksgiving (last year he slept through the whole thing) was BIG. He might have eaten as much as the adults (at least of the appetizers and desserts). Here’s a taste of what Charlie ate:

mashed potatoes



cranberry pie



Monkey for Dinner

Charlie’s mom and grandmother took him to Connie & Ted’s for dinner.┬áMom offered him some monkfish. Charlie heard, “Monkey.” He took a bite and asked for more monkey. We just let him think it was monkey. Someday he will probably tell a therapist his issues all started the night his mother made him eat monkey.

P.S. Connie & Ted’s has delicious monkey:

I Like Peas

Mom has tried to get Charlie to eat peas over and over again. The best she can do is get him to smash them into the table. (At least he’s touching them.)

But give Dad a bowl of peas and guess who is suddenly dying to eat peas?

i like peas

Dinner with a View

After a rough day, Mom treated Charlie (ie herself) to dinner with a view. Charlie got a front row seat for the dancing fountains.
dinner with a view at The Grove

Brussel sprout and pancetta pizza from Fat Cow for dinner.
brussel sprout pizza
(In truth, Mom ate C’s brussel sprouts and he ate her pancetta… It was a Jack Sprat arrangement.)