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Happy Halloween

baby's first halloween candy


Charlie marched in his first parade and ate his first candy (other than chocolate) on the parade route (Twizzlers). That’s a Twizzler face.

He also ate french fries for lunch and pineapple & coconut Lappert’s ice cream for dinner. Now that’s how you do Halloween in Hawaii!

A Meal of Pupus

Are they still considered pupus (appetizers) if you make them a meal?

Lucky Charlie is vacationing in Hawaii. His parents took him for drinks and pupus in the club lounge at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua and the appetizers were so good, Charlie made dishes like this beautiful shrimp his meal.

shrimp pupus


His favorite was crackers with Humboldt Fog cheese. (Mom loves Humboldt Fog, too.) He ate… a lot.

cheese face


Just look at that little cheese face!

Almond Butter

Charlie tried his first almond butter, spread on a multigrain waffle with a side of banana.
almond butter waffle

At first, he gave the “What Was That?” face.

what was that?

And then he decided that he liked it, he really, really liked it.

Happy to eat almond butter

There Will Be Cake

Charlie went to a birthday party. All the kids and toys were so exciting, he almost didn’t want to eat the medley of grilled cheese sandwiches (regular; apple, bacon, cheddar and goat cheese with tomato and spinach):

grilled cheese medley

…until he figured out that he could eat and play at the same time:

eating while playing

(That’s his favorite of the sandwiches in his hand–the goat cheese and tomato.)

Maybe he was just saving room since his parents told him there would be cake.

birthday cake

And you know what pairs perfectly with cake?

soy milk


Mom wanted to check out a new restaurant, so she took Charlie to Scratch Bar for dinner. It included exotic dishes like smoked goat cheese under glass:
smoked goat cheese
Charlie tried to chase the smoke when it was released from under the glass lid–a piece of kitchen sorcery definitely not lost on this kid.

There was also calamari with eggplant puree and, the piece de resistance, sourdough toast with uni oil:
toast with uni oil
This is, to memory, Charlie’s first uni. (Anyone who knows Charlie’s Mom is probably shocked that it took this long.) Did he like it? He sang and danced!
baby's first uni
Wild-eyed uni eater


Charlie’s current favorite things are cords, as in electrical cords. He’s also fond of ropes, belts, shoe laces and ribbon. He is not currently fond of most vegetables so Mom thought she’d try serving a vegetable that looks like string: spaghetti squash.

The squash was a huge hit. He pulled it up, strand by strand and dangled it into his mouth. (He also tried fitting it into his ear, dangling it to the dog and decorating the high chair.) No pictures. The image is one Mom would like to forget.

Some Things Remain the Same

Charlie’s been going through a lot of food phases. They come and go quickly, like the apple obsession. (He now refuses to touch anything resembling an apple.) But the one favorite he won’t shake is this chocolate soy butter he wants every day for lunch:¬†