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A Cape Cod Tradition

You can’t visit Cape Cod without going for ice cream. And in our family, it should involve Peanut Butter Sauce. (In this case a soft serve twist smothered in salty and sweet peanut butter sauce at Ice Cream Sandwich.)

ice cream with peanut butter sauce


As Mom and Dad requested, Charlie finished all his milk before having dessert. (He loves his new, blue cup.)

Lobster Face

Charlie’s grandmothers took him back to Chillingsworth–this time to the casual bistro. Charlie loved eating the angel hair pasta in modified Lady and the Tramp style:

angel hair lady and the tramp style


Peculiarly, his favorite part was the sauce–more specifically, rubbing the lobster and Cognac sauce all over his face and hair. (We have no idea what inspired the shellfish facial.)

lobster face


Note the greasy sheen… and the chunks of pasta stuck to his face:



That’s right, Charlie ate his mom’s favorite, sweetbreads. His mom is so proud. Charlie, in fact, enjoyed 5 courses at Chillingsworth in honor of his grandmother’s birthday. He also showed early signs of skill as a sommelier when he commandeered the empty Rosé bottle and practiced pouring.

Sorry about the grainy photos–Charlie enjoys mood lighting.

Got Him to Eat Potatoes

Charlie enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with friends at The Red Cottage: linguica, whole grain toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and raspberry pancakes–he was still eating for 10 minutes after everyone else finished.

breakfast at red cottage restaurant


We also figured out how to get him to eat potatoes (see previous post My Kid Hates Potatoes)–smother them in hollandaise sauce, add some ham, fried onions and tomatoes (aka Red Cottage Home Fries).