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Mushroom Caps

Pleased to discover that a great way to get Charlie to enjoy the green stuff besides his daily shake is by serving stuffed mushroom caps. Just stuff with chopped spinach, mushroom stem and cheese and you have a squishy, chewy baby snack!

stuffed mushroom caps

So satisfying!

For the Love of Foam

We took Charlie to brunch at Olio, a favorite neighborhood cafe where al fresco dining helps to mute the sound of toddler squeals. Although he was a fan of the pizza danish:
olio pizza danish

He discovered a true passion for the creamy foam that tops steamed milk:


Foam may be his new favorite food.

Out to Lunch

We try to make sure Charlie experiences a variety of activities to help shape him into a civilized little person. One of his favorites is going out to eat. So Mom took him out to lunch today to Tinga, a new taqueria.

Charlie enjoyed the Mushroom Pupusa, filled with a mushroom pate and black beans. He loved it dipped in guacamole but no salsa, please.

Mushroom Pupusa at Tinga La Brea

Surprisingly, his favorite part seemed to be the refried beans. They were even good enough to smush onto his forehead, (a true sign of approval).

refried beans

Note the bean splotch. (And yes, Mom forgot a bib.)



Charlie’s Yogurt

Charlie's Fruit-Topped YogurtCharlie’s yogurt has become very popular. Not only is it one of Charlie’s favorite things. Adults have started begging for it.

The secret is a combination of full-fat yogurt and fresh fruits. Just puree the fruits of choice (pictured is strawberry-banana). Top 1/4 c plain, full-fat yogurt with approx 2 tsp fruit puree and swirl. (This, of course, is the toddler-size portion. Adjust accordingly.)

Trader Joe's Greek YogurtFor yogurt, we prefer Greek. The favorite in our house is Trader Joe’s regular Greek yogurt.

Dinner (or not) with Friends

Dinner at Charlie’s pal Quinn’s house didn’t exactly go as planned. Instead of eating their pasta, the kids played fling the pasta.

They were, of course, first in line when dessert was served. Who doesn’t love chocolate?


Happy Wiener Day!

It’s National Hot Dog Day so we celebrated with–what else?–wieners for dinner!

Happy National Hot Dog Day

In truth, I think most of the hot dog went to the live dog waiting expectantly at the foot of the high chair. Charlie preferred the black bean and long bean salad served on the side.

two bean salad

(He was even was even enthusiastic about eating yellow tomato chunks–they looked an awful lot like the juicy tangerine segments Mom put on the tray.)


Yesterday’s pie experience has me wondering. Charlie had never seen a chocolate cream pie before but as soon as we carried it into the dining room, he started reaching and squealing and carrying on until a bite of that pie was in his mouth.

The same thing happened on the Fourth of July when we brought out the box of cupcakes:
reaching for a cupcake

But how does he even know that this is something to eat? It doesn’t look like any of the foods he’s tried before and yet he knows that this is something he MUST. HAVE. NOW.

If you have any insight, I’d love to learn more. Until then, I’ll chalk up a baby’s innate ability to identify desserts as one of the great mysteries of the universe.


We celebrated Daddy’s birthday with pie. Chocolate pie.