Monthly Archives: June 2013

Baby’s First Barbeque

Charlie was invited to his first summer barbecue. He enjoyed the charcoal-grilled Italian sausage but he really liked the salads, (mostly the avocado chunks and artichoke hearts).

pasta salad

He also inhaled a whole banana and several tortilla chips. (He was unabashedly impressed with himself that he could fish the chips out of the serving bowl–probably the reason he ate so many.)

But the best part of the evening was the sunset.

Los Angeles Sunset

Thank you to Priya and Ben for hosting this great adventure!

Guinea Pig

In our house, everyone participates in trying new products. Today it wa Victora Vegan Arugula Pesto Alfredo Sauce.


Charlie and Mom aren’t sure how they feel about this one but Dad gives it a thumbs up.

Junk Food Weekend!

In keeping with this weekend’s junk food theme, Charlie tried his first ice cream–at Milk.

Milk Los Angeles

He enjoyed half a scoop of banana dulce de leche flavor. (This is the remainder after he’d eaten his fill.)

Charlie's ice cream

But his friend Quinn took down a whole cone of chocolate.

chocolate ice cream

Charlie’s First Donut

Charlie tried his first donut. Glazed. From Bob’s.

He enjoyed it with soy milk.


To top off the week of epic fails, Charlie rejected Mom’s bison cube steak & peppers.

bison cube steak & peppers

Dog food.

Charlie and Mom agree to disagree on this one. Who do you side with? Here’s the recipe; try it and decide.

my kid hates potatoes

Thus far, Charlie has surprised us all by relishing the flavors of smoked salmon, triple cream cheeses, spicy black beans and even Panang curry. So what in the world could he find objectionable about a potato?

Today I served Charlie chunks of roasted potatoes and he threw them to the dog. And these weren’t just any potatoes. These were French fingerlings from Weiser Family Farms–the same potatoes used by many of Southern California’s most famous chefs–lovingly plucked from a bin and carried home from the farmer’s market. They were roasted with wedges of chorizo in chicken fat with lemon and garlic.

Looks tasty, right?
my kid hates potatoes
Dog food.

Charlie also hates carrots.