about cat

croppedWho am I and what am I doing here?

Good question. I’m a writer. A NY Times and USA Today bestselling romance writer, to be exact. At the pronouncement that I write romance a third of you rolled your eyes, a third thought, “Cool” and a third are thinking, “So what?”.

What being a writer means to me is that I am an observer. I take in everything, like a sponge I’ve been told by more than one person as I grilled them for details and facts during research for a book. Research? For a romance novel? (There is that eye rolling again.) Yes, research because if my facts aren’t correct, or my setting realistic or my characters believable, that book will crash and burn in the fiery flames of bad reviews. In fact, it was through my research for a book that I found Eat Something Sexy online to begin with.

So yeah, I observe, I sometimes even take notes. I absorb it all. Not surprisingly, I’ve quite a bit to say about all I take in. For better or worse, I plan to lay down my unsolicited, random observations and opinions right here, courtesy of the Eat Something Sexy blogs. A huge thank you to Amy Reiley and the entire Eat Something Sexy team for giving me the opportunity and the forum.

As I gather ideas, jotting down notes for blogs as they hit me while I’m driving and trying to stay in my lane, and solicit ideas from my fellow erotic romance authors online and at book signings (I may have to tone those down to keep the sensors at bay), I plan to appear here a few times a month with topics that may inspire you, hopefully spur conversation and maybe even cause a bit of debate now and then.

Want to know more about me? Check out my official author website at http://catjohnson.net. My life sounds pretty interesting when in black and white. I guess it is some days. I’ve gone from cocktails with the former Poet Laureate of the United States and the Rockefellers one day, to an arena to watch live bull riding the next. I’ve run out to the barn to throw a bucket of feed to my horse while wearing my ball gown and heels on the way to a harp gig where I was performing (we won’t discuss what I discovered on my shoe once I reached the venue). I live in what could be called the country, with a barn and farmhouse  built in 1734, but I can hop a train and one hour later be in New York City for dinner and a show on Broadway or a business meeting on 5th Avenue. But most days I’m perfectly happy sitting in my pajamas working on my laptop. As long as I have internet, the world is at my fingertips, literally.

So, hello. Nice to meet you, and please, stop by often! Want to know what’s happening in my world? Join my mailing list for an effort free way to get the dirt. Or visit my website. Follow me on Twitter at @Cat_Johnson or check out my author page on Facebook.

Cat Johnson