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my favorite things: cowgirl creamery cheese

Cowgirl CreameryA few months ago I posted on another group blog I belong to about Purple Cowboy wine. Well here is the perfect accompaniment to that–Cowgirl Creamery Cheeses.

As I’ve mentioned here before, my friends and I are foodies. We get together weekly at one house and basically cook and eat together. I won’t say it’s exactly like the scene in the movie The Big Chill, but I’ll admit there is sometimes singing, and even once some dancing…long story. Anyway, we fancy ourselves cheese afficienados–so much so that one among us (who shall remain nameless) was told by his doctor his cholesterol was too high. His answer, “It’s not my fault. My wife enrolled me in the cheese of the month club.” No it wasn’t me or my husband, but we do all love our cheese, and I love all things cowboy, so when said cheese lover with high cholesterol was shopping at Fairway and saw cheese with the above cowgirl logo on it, he picked it up immediately, and oh my God was it good!

Mt Tam from Cowgirl Cremery

The one we had was the Mt Tam. So creamy. So tasty. So expensive! (The small round we had was $20.) But oh so good. So much so I was intrigued, as much by the name of the company as by the cheese. Here is what I found out about them…

The company was begun by 2 women in 1997 in a small coastal town in CA. I LOVE supporting small business and women-owned businesses even better. This artisan cheese is actually made in an old renovated barn–another thing I love to support–the reuse and repurposing of old buildings. For this handmade cheese, they buy organic milk from their neighbor. Yet one more thing I love–supporting America’s small farmers, not to mention how environmentally friendly it is to use local resources rather than trucking things from across the country, or worse, from another country.

local cow

You can read more about the Cowgirl Creamery and their philosophies regarding not only cheese, but also preserving rural life HERE. And even if you can’t buy Cowgirl Cheese where you live, I bet there’s a farmer’s market not too far away that sells artisan cheese made locally with the same loving care from local milk farmed by…you guessed it, local cowboys and cowgirls.


the price of fun

I had Easter dinner with the fam last Sunday, thankfully not at my house, but from parents to a full compliment of in-laws as well as nieces and nephew, they were all present and accounted for. The evening proved particularly pleasant in part thanks to my brother-in-law who is a liquor distributor and came armed with some kick ass wine, including a $60 bottle of Shiraz that was smooth and rich with undertones of chocolate and higher than normal alcohol content. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

He and I were talking and he reported liquor sales in the NY Metro area are booming. My sales are too, I reported. Like quadruple from last year. Which is when I decided when the economy is this bad, perhaps people are turning to booze and porn. Hell, it makes sense.

Of course there are other factors for the boom in my sales–eReader technology and pricing finally meeting the demands of the consumer making eReaders a hugely popular gift item last Christmas season. But I’m sure there’s more. One is the need for escape. Now more than ever people need a bit of fantasy in their lives, and romance novels provide that. Second is price. For as little as $2.99 I sell novel-length eBooks. For less than the price of a Starbucks Latte (with no calories), for less than a gallon of gasoline (and a lot more fun) and for FAR less than a movie out at the theater, a $2.99 eBook will provide the buyer with hours, maybe even days, of enjoyment–not to mention an escape from reality which is priceless.

Booze and porn–the cure for the recession? You be the judge.


my favorite things: bitch wine

My sadness knows no bounds. One of my favorite line of wines is no more. The word on the street–or actually in the liquor stores– is this, the entire line of Bitch wines has been discontinued. No more California Bitch Red. No more Bitch Bubbly! No more will that sweet pink goodness that makes me smile just looking at it, pass between my lips.

Why oh why has this tragedy occurred? The answer is divorce.

But wait–perhaps that is good news, because I can only imagine that just perhaps after a messy divorce an ex-husband would have extra inspiration to breathe new life into the Bitch line, possibly even expand it!

My hope lives on. Long live Bitch!

a memorial day minute

We’re coming up on Memorial Day weekend here in the States. The unofficial start of summer when everyone cleans off the grill and heads outdoors for a barbecue. In honor of the holiday, and the men and women in the armed forces, here are a few fun things. Take a minute this Memorial Day to remember those who served and then eat, drink and be merry.

Operation BBQ for the Troops

OPERATION BBQ FOR THE TROOPS –Watch the Video on FoodNetwork

Watch barbecuing US Marine style in this Food Network video.

JarHead Red Wine


Jarhead Jarhead Red is a wine made by Marines on Californiaís Central Coast. It offers flavors of plum, cassis and black currant with fine tannins on the finish. It is aged in French oak barrels for eight months. Net proceeds from the sale of the wine benefit the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, which provides educational assistance to children of U.S. Marines, with special attention given to children of fallen Marines. For more information on the foundation, please visit www.mcsf.org. Visit www.jarheadred.com for more fun facts, info and ordering information.

a wine by any other name

Though we are told to never judge a book by its cover, we all know most people do. Confession–I judge wine by the label. That’s pretty much the main way I choose what bottles to buy.

Ignoring the collective gasp from all the wine aficionados I have to say it’s worked out pretty well for me so far. I am rarely disappointed with a wine I’ve blindly chosen based on the name or label AND it makes it all the more fun. I mean, who couldn’t appreciate the irony when I bought only Bitch wine for my friend Grace’s birthday party? And the other night for my friend Donna’s birthday, the bottle of Flying Piano was not only a big hit (she is a piano teacher) but was also a tasty choice.

You know the person you are buying the wine for best but other generic options I’ve used are El Bastardo, Fat Bastard and Old Fart–all tasty and fun choices for gifts for the men in your lives.

I do love a theme… I’ve taken Barefoot wine to the beach in summer, and Little Penguin wine to a holiday party in winter. Vampire or Evil or Seven Deadly Zins make a fun addition to any Halloween party, or book signing when I’m with my friends who write paranormal romance. The Menage a Trois label is fun to promote the naughty books I write and my boss (and former publisher) had a bottle of that open when I arrived at the corporate retreat in Hilton Head last week.

For the upcoming Mother’s Day and Father’s Day holidays I will likely be picking up bottles of Mommy’s Time Out and Dad’s Day Off.

Maybe it’s the writer in me that makes me want to up the anty creatively. It’s simply not good enough that a wine taste good. I’m sorry, but I want to be entertained as well. Judge if you must, but my wine selections and I are usually the hit of the party. Just sayin’…

Until next time,