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outlander: highland inspiration

I’ve been watching the new OUTLANDER series on the Starz network. It’s based on the books written by Diana Gabaldon, which I’m old enough to have read (and loved) when they first released fourteen years ago.

The music, the costumes, the spoken Gaelic, the sweeping landscapes and the food and drink in the show are making me remember my own trip to Scotland (which was about 20 years ago. Eep! Time flies.)

I partook of the typical Scottish fare– haggis and local beer. I loved the cheese and my first taste of a ‘scotch egg’. But I also had rabbit, pheasant, venison, and all sorts of other game while there because, for those of you who remember, this was during the “mad cow” scare and eating beef abroad was a bit frightening that year.

Battle of Culloden

Like the show’s heroine, I traveled to Inverness. I crawled through castle ruins. I visited the battlefield and memorial stones of Culloden. I even walked within a few stone circles while in the UK, but they apparently weren’t magical because aside from a tour guide no sexy highlanders appeared to whisk me away to the 1740s. The stone circle pictured in the 1996 paper snapshot below is Castlerigg Stone Circle (circa 2000 B.C.) located not in the Highlands, but in the Lake District off A66 Keswick. It contains 38 stones.

Castlerigg Stone Circle

I found a really cool blog that contains modern takes on historical recipes–the kind which might be featured in the Outlander series. Check out the Outlander Kitchen and make some dishes of your own.