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food porn

So now that I got a few thousand page views because I used the “P” word in this blog post title, let me get to the actual post…

I have a pretty cool life, like how I get invited to fun events (restaurant openings and previews, etc) because my best girlfriend’s husband is an executive chef. Of course that can go either way, like when he’s catering an event and runs short on waitstaff and she and I have to run out and buy white shirts and go pass trays of food or pour drinks for a few hours. That’s happening less now since his kids are getting old enough to don the black-and-whites so we old folks don’t have to.

Anyway, this week his new restaurant, Mediteranneo, inside the Zero Degrees Hotel, also new, opened officially and I was invited to dine there. It’s along the banks of the Norwalk River in Connecticut and the windows (which are actually operational and open!) overlook a waterfall that provided both a beautiful view and a lovely backdrop of ambient sound for diners.

I won’t get into the food too much here since you’d be better served by reading this ARTICLE written by an actual food writer who attended the night before I did. Suffice it to say I had the Black sea bass crudo with citrus, sesame seaweed, and Dauno Gargano EVOO for my appetizer (a new dish for me) and the Parmesan crusted West Coast halibut with tomato chive buerre blanc and sautéed spinach (my all time fave of my friend’s creations) for my main course. That was followed by a dessert of another of my old standby favorites, a molton chocolate cake that we love so much we’ve been known to call Chef Al at the restaurant and ask him to bring a few home for us.

I also grabbed a piece of the wood oven pizza we ordered for the table, which was fabulous, and I tried my friend’s rhubarb dessert, also incredible.

So if you’re in driving distance of Norwalk, CT, stop by the restaurant and treat yourself to a culinary experience. Do what I do and go with a bunch of friends so you can each order something different, send the plates around the table, and try even more!

Mediterraneo  353 Main Ave., Norwalk, CT Phone:  (203) 229-0000


cooking, writing…same thing.

5684769_s copySo I’m cooking again. Not that I ever totally stopped but I sure avoided it. I love to cook when I’m inspired, and I hate it when I’m not. Hmmm that sounds a lot like writing. Exactly the same, actually. So last month I was inspired while writing A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS–first by the tighter that tight deadline imposed to get it edited and released before Christmas (a deadline I not only made, but I finished 10 days early!) But there is a price to pay, and I think I drained my well of creativity a bit, so while I eek out a few hundred words here, a thousand words there, on my currently WiP (Work in Prograss) FLANKED (Studs in Spurs, Book 5), I wait for the well to fill back up, and I cook.

I read my iPad app FLIPBOARD for food inspiration, and I get inspiration from Eat Something Sexy’s very own Amy Reiley (who FYI has a new cookbook release coming out next month!).

Anyway, I’ve recently made Spiced Rosemary Nuts (William-Sonoma), so easy and so impressive and tasty. I brought them to both a Friday Night Dinner with Friends as well as to a holiday party housewarming and they were a hit both places. I’m going to try Amy’s Hot Honey Nuts recipe from the monthly aphrodisiac newsletter that just came out a few days ago for tonight’s Friday Night Dinner with Friends.

The other night I made Roasted Carrot Soup (Food 52). It came out really tasty but more importantly I’m thinking something that colorful HAS to be good for you too. And yesterday, while watching that new foodie show on ABC, The Chew, I was inspired to–this is big so get ready–change out of my pajamas, go to the food store, and buy the ingredients for the Swiss Steak with Arugula Salad they made on the show. Anyone who knows me at all knows how huge it is. I rarely leave the house (or change out of PJs) unless it’s absolutely necessary, such as the horse is totally out of feed and is threatening to break out of the paddock and storm the house.

So yeah, I’m procrastinating writing right now (I even vacuumed in an effort to kill time) but I’ll get back to it, one word at a time. And in the meantime, I’ll keep my eye on the inspirational blogs of Food 52, William Sonoma, and our own Eat Something Sexy and hope the creativity spills over from the kitchen to the laptop.