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fifty shades of grey

I am one of those weird people who liked school, and though I’ve been out of college for quite a while now, I’m still a student of the world. I can’t just look at something. I have to look at it and ask why? And my big question right now is why in the world did this one particular erotica book that has taken publishing and suburban women by storm go viral?

There are plenty of erotica and erotic romances out there. The theme is not new–uber rich, powerful and handsome billionaire business mogul. The unknown, average, seemingly inconsequential college girl he’s so attracted to he must have her no matter what. Classic romance novel trope, but with the addition of super hot BDSM sex. BDSM isn’t new either. You can find thousands of books with those elements to a variety of extents.

So why oh why did Fifty Shades of Grey, written by an unknown UK author, published by a small press that I had never heard of, sell hundreds of thousands of copies and hit #1 on both Barnes & Noble and Amazon? Why has it been blog fodder everywhere and featured on all the network national morning talk shows, being touted by Good Morning, America and The Today Show as “mommy porn”, and “suburbia’s dirty little secret”? Some doctors and sex experts are debating if the BDSM theme is freeing to women who just want to turn the reins over to someone else in bed after being in charge of the house all day, while other experts are saying it’s dangerous and sets up women for abusive relationships (an accusation which to anyone who knows how to Google and look up the principals of BDSM knows is absurd). Meanwhile, there are plenty of books where women relinquish control to be ravished by the rogue, so why this one book in particular, which grew in popularity strictly by word of mouth and not through marketing or advertising dollars?

Here’s why it shouldn’t be so popular:

-a few very respected and increasingly famous book bloggers didn’t like it. One marked it a DNF (Did Not Finish) last year, long before it hit the media full force. (Seriously, this story is being covered everywhere in the past week, from the NY Times to the Washington Post.)

-it’s based on fan fiction. The author loved the Twilight series so much, she wrote her own little stories using the same characters, published them on fanfic websites, then eventually expanded those ideas, changed the characters’ names from Bella and Edward to Christian and Ana, and published it with a small press overseas.

-the writing style, in my opinion, is annoying. Disclaimer right here I have NOT read the book. I read the beginning of chapter 1 on Amazon.com (they allow samples) and realized I wouldn’t be able to read the entire book because it is written in first person present tense and, though it may be a personal pet peeve of mine, I can’t read books in that POV. I find it distracting, annoying, and amateurish. I fear I would lose my mind and that my internal editor would never be able to get past the POV and see the story beneath.

Yet bookstores can’t keep the print version in stock and I’m sure that is driving sales of the digital formats even higher. Again, the question is why?

Here is why I personally think it is so popular:

-the book has both a title and a cover that is totally tame and mainstream. At first glance, 50 Shades of Grey could easily be a legal thriller or a murder mystery. Had the publisher slapped a picture of some man titty (ala my Cat Johnson novels) on this book, I bet you it would have never sold even a fraction of what it has. Why? Because people don’t WANT to like erotica, or erotic romance, or even the Fabio-esque romances of our mother’s generation. This book slipped under the radar with its innocuous cover.

-inside that boring cover is HOT sex that most likely crept up on the unaware reader (since what I read of Chapter 1 of this book reads almost like a Young Adult novel). Before they could slam the cover shut and say “Oh my God, this is dirty“, the story had captured them and the sex took them by surprise, until suddenly they realized their lady parts were tingling and they were feeling a little bit naughty just for reading it. Who doesn’t want to secretly be naughty? It’s the reader’s dirty little secret. Who would know what she’s reading? It’s just a hardcover book with a boring cover, but inside, their hormones awoke, and these readers couldn’t wait for hubby to get home so they could jump him.

-people like to be the first. The first to know something others don’t. The first to recommend something they discovered to their friends, or even strangers, so they recommended this book to others. “I just read this book. You should see what’s in it! I never knew there were books like this!” the unspoken continuation to that would be…because I am so high brow I would NEVER pick up a romance novel and see that there are thousands of books just like this one and better written too.

-maybe that first person POV I hate so much makes the readers feel what the main character is feeling on a more personal level? Who knows? Maybe I’m wrong and there is no reason that the present tense should make me so crazy. Maybe I’m already crazy. Hell, anything is possible at this point.

And there you are, my personal, unqualified and unsolicited opinion of the trilogy of books (yes, there are 3 in the series) that has taken publishing by storm, the rights to which just sold to the paperback division of Random House Inc., reportedly for an undisclosed 7 figure sum to be rereleased immediately in eBook and in paperback in April with all the fanfare they think it deserves. Coincidentally this is just weeks after PayPal told the owner of Excessica Publishing that stories with BDSM themes amounted to rape for titillation and may have to be restricted…at the same time that other eBook retailers have been told that their PayPal account would be frozen if they didn’t stop selling certain books that they qualified as obscene. Among themes being classified as taboo and being restricted by certain retailers were pseudo incest, bestiality (which can get iffy in the world of shapeshifters) and “barely legal” stories (IE younger of legal age girls, such as college girls, having sex with older men, possibly billionaire playboys even)…but I digress. That is another tale totally.

Today’s lessons– The almighty dollar is king, perception is everything, and it’s very possible that people do judge a book by its cover.

my favorite things: amazon’s new kindle and fire

It’s been a little while since I’ve gotten the tingles from a product–stomach fluttering, lady-parts clenching excitement–and it’s from the giant we love to hate, Amazon, no less! It happened this week with the announcement of two particular new market-changing products from Amazon.

All right, so maybe this is NOT so sexy to all of you, but believe me, to anyone in the industry, it really is. Like orgasmic. Like I’m feeling drunk right now I’m so excited and I haven’t even cracked open the celebratory wine yet. Let me explain my glee…

Amazon’s new tablet, the Kindle Fire, is obviously designed to battle Apple for it’s iPad market though personally I don’t think it’s quite there yet. But at the $199 price point, and with the promised features such as access to Amazon’s database of videos, tv shows, movies and books, your favorite apps, and unlimited Cloud storage for Amazon content as well as flash support (iPad’s achilles heel), I’m tempted to get it as a secondary device to support my current iPad 2 3G. What’s holding me back from plunking down the credit card? Inevitably, as happened to me with the iPod Touch, they will come out with a second generation of the Fire and it will have a camera and more cool features and I will be pissed I didn’t wait. So wait I will.

The other product Amazon announced was their new $79 Kindle eReader. Yes, you read right. Seventy-nine-frigging-dollars! That is the real hot button for my excitement. Everyone and their mother, literally, is going to have one of these babies in their Christmas stocking or beneath the menorah. And what is going to happen to Kindle eBook sales as a result? Yeah, they’re going to be good. Hopefully really good. Like pay off the mortgage good! And for once I’m in the right place at the right time, well seated in the eBook market with a big fat backlist available for those Christmas morning impulse purchases. The new Kindle is smaller, lighter, promises good battery life, storage for tons of eBooks on the device with unlimited storage in Amazon’s Cloud for the rest, unlimited free connection to Amazon for downloads, buy once and sync to all devices, and the ability to borrow Kindle books from your local library with the device.

I’m too excited to cover all the features so go to Amazon and read for yourself and don’t hold it against me if I got something wrong. Just know this, the future is now. eBooks are here to stay. Yeah, you can still have your dusty keeper shelf, I won’t begrudge you the smell of the paper or the feel of  ‘a book in your hands’ but I dare you print lovers to resist this new Kindle. Need more incentive? Check out the ever changing list of FREE Kindle downloads.

Tempted? Tingly? I sure am!


is this as hot as it gets?

So let me tell you a tale…

One day a romance writer who was making a decent living, a better living than she ever dreamed she could by working from home in pajamas each day, read an article. There were vast riches to be made in that land called Self-published Erotica eBooks. Huge riches to be made in the provinces of Nook and Kindle and it was no tall tale. Alas there was proof. Authors who this romance writer actually knew were panning the gold from the erotica waters and coming up with mind-boggling profits. (Seriously folks, I’m talking a million dollars a year or more in their pockets not accounting for Uncle Sam and his evil tax collectors, of course.)

So this author read the million dollar author’s book and declared–I can do that! I will do that! I’ll do it right now! And she came up with a brilliant idea. Why not be who she was now, writing romance, AND be that other writer too, the one who was making a million dollars a year by selling what some critics have called “porn on the page”.

So she took this story she had already written, a story that had been rejected by 3 or was it 4 publishers. A nice little story she really liked about 2 cowboys and a rich girl from Connecticut, and she decided to sex it up. There’d be boys doing boys. Girls doing girls. Boys and girls doing each other, in public, in private, in the barn, in the pool, day and night. Hell, it was already written, and rewritten, and rewritten again, according to the suggestions by the very nice rejection letters she’d gotten so many of. After all, how hard could it be to sex it up? Then she too would have the millions in gold. THEN after that, she’d write more stories. Filthy, dirty stories that would bring even more gold.

And it worked, kind of, for a little bit. Not exactly, and not at all as she’d planned. In fact, not so much according to the plan at all.

Yes, the nice little story sold like mad, crazy sales, but it never really reached the level of filth the author intended, nor the million dollars said filth would have yielded. There was still safe sex. There was still character motivation and reasons for the sex. The characters, once they met each other, still wanted to be monogamous, even though there were 3 of them. There was still a happily ever after ending.

And then the second story wasn’t the filthy dirty one it was meant to be at all. That too ended up being kind of tame to be called erotica. And the happy ending, and the monogamous relationship and the safe sex tried to sneak in again, and the author had to beat them down as best she could, but alas they were stronger than she was.

She had tried…that is I had tried. I really did, but it comes down to this–we are who we are, and no amount of determination or inspiration to change will change who and what we are.

My vow to be the raunchiest writer I could be for my RED line of “erotica” books did not end up exactly as I planned. I put “erotica” in quotation marks because I hesitate to even call it that. As much as I tried to write erotica, it’s still more erotic romance, which is what I have always written, and probably always will write.

I’d made up this long warning label for my RED books, to make sure the readers of my erotic romance wouldn’t be horribly shocked by my new erotica line. It turns out, I needn’t have, because no matter what, I still am who I am as a writer.

Oh don’t get me wrong, the RED stories are hot. Very hot. But there’s still a happy ending, no matter how convinced I was I’d be writing pure erotica without one. There’s plenty of sex, even experimenting with other partners, and same sex, but the characters always seem to end up in a happy committed relationship in the end.

So what am I going to do? Hell if I know. I still have plenty of ideas for some raunchy adulterous erotica stories about a bored cheating housewife who does everyone from the carpenters, to the waiter, to the UPS man while her husband is at work. It was these story ideas that I created the RED line for–and then chickened out miserably. Will these ever see the light of day? I have no clue. If they do I suppose I’ll have to make a sub-line–the REALLY RED line for stories that really are erotica this time, I swear…

Maybe having written for publishers and editors who drilled the HEA (Happy Ever After) into my head, along with the concepts of safe sex and monogamous relationships has influenced me irreparably. Kind of like the lessons beaten into students with a wooden ruler by nuns in Catholic school–you can be sure you’ll never forget them and if you ever do bring yourself to break those rules, you’re going to be twitching while doing it.

So there you go, my tale. I’m happy I wrote Educating Ansley. I’m thrilled with the sales. I’m happy I wrote The EX-Files. Compared to Ansley I’m not as happy with those sales but that’s what I get for hitting it out of the park on the first at bat–it’s a hard record to live up to. I’m iffy on the creation of the RED line. I could probably just as easily have published those stories just as Cat Johnson titles and no one would have been offended or disappointed. And if I ever have a lobotomy or start taking hard core drugs to overcome my romance indoctrination and actually get myself to write the pure erotica I’d planned–well then we’ll have to figure out how to market those alongside the others in the RED line. We’ll see.

And so the author’s coffers are far from empty, but the biggest heaps of gold still belong to the others who dare to stretch beyond, and for now, that’s okay.


paying it forward

People may not know this about me, and judging from what I write now they would never suspect, but I started my career writing Young Adult Series Fiction (YA). The target market was for 9-12 year old girls and my 12 titles were published (in print because this was LOOOONG before eBooks) by such household names as Western Publishing (owner of the Golden Books imprint), Tor, and Sports Illustrated for Kids.

Maybe that part of my past, as well as my excitement over the future of publishing and all the incredible changes happening now, is what made this particular publishing project I stumbled upon speak to me. It ‘spoke’ loud enough I was inspired to put my money where my mouth is and contribute (along with others) to this project.

I’ll let the experts give you the details. HERE is the article that first spurred my interest. For those blog readers too lazy to follow the link, here’s a quick overview stolen from the aforementioned Galley Cat article (I hope I do it justice)…

Author Mark Stephen Meadows will use Kickstarter to fund a book of illustrated fables with two very different editions–an interactive narrative for iPad and a limited-print run leather-bound book.”

How perfect is that? The best of both worlds. The beauty and collectibility of a keepsake edition in leather-bound paper, AND the versatility and cutting edge technology of a corresponding app for iPad (iOS now, Android in future). THIS is the future of publishing. THIS is what the big old, stuck-in-the-mud legacy publishers need to embrace. This is a project I want to see happen and succeed.

The Kickstarter project will go through the end of the month. He is nearly half-way to his goal of $9,500. People can donate as little as a $1, or as much as they want. A small price to be in on such an exciting project. And he’s offering some pretty special incentives for donors. You should take a look just to see what one-of-a-kind thank you gifts he’s come up with. Sailing adventure, anyone?

The brave new world of ePublishing and small press has treated me very well and I’m grateful. The changes in the industry of the past 6 months alone is enough to make me excited to wake up and get to work every morning. The least I can do is pay a small bit of it forward for the future of readers, writers and yes, apps developers.

The future is now, folks. Embrace it or be left in the dust.


i have become what you always thought i was

I have a romance story published. Boy meets girl. Boy’s best friend has a crush on girl. Boy hides his feelings until they are thrown together into a deadly situation, then boy and girl give in to their feelings. One single night of sex ensues. Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy, but boy leaves the girl for the sake of his friend. Friend bows out. Boy and girl reunite with tears and chaste kisses and live happily ever after… or at least they shack up together in the next book.

Sounds like a romance to me. But I’ve seen reader reviews calling it “one sex scene away from being a naughty nooner”, and “hot but NOT a romance”.

Seriously? One sex scene in a 30,000 word story makes it “porn for women”? Apparently so. And so, dear readers, I have become what I’ve been wrongly accused of. A porn writer. I am now writing what amounts to porn with plot. Why fight it when I apparently can’t? And apparently I shouldn’t, based on sales.

I wrote and released, all with no prior promo, a 40,000 word erotica eBook. A RED hot menage with cowboys! EDUCATING ANSLEY went live on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and ARe late Tuesday night. By the end of today, Sunday, I will have sold 1,000 copies of a book that contains scenes that make even me blush.

To protect readers who actually do think my other books are romances, I’ve released Ansley under my new erotica imprint Cat Johnson RED just so everyone knows exactly what they’re getting, what to expect. And you should expect a lot more scorching hot, uncensored, boundary pushing erotica in the RED line.

To the readers who said my sensual romances are porn…I’ll show you porn! LOL I guess I’m just obstinate that way and you know what? I smiled all the way to the  top of  B&N’s Pubit and Erotica best seller lists.

of seals and men

It seems like you couldn’t turn on the TV or read a newspaper the week after Bin Laden’s demise without hearing the words Navy SEALs or SEAL Team 6. There are reports of romance publishers bracing for an onslaught of submissions featuring SEAL heroes. I’m sure authors who make a living writing SEALs (Suzanne Brockmann, Lora Leigh, etc) have seen a boost in sales.

I’ve even noticed in my own books, every review I’ve received lately for my military romance series has called the guys SEALs. I’m grateful for every review and reader comment but I do want to clarify, my heros are not SEALs. Okay, correction–one out of the dozen or so military story heroes I’ve written is a Navy SEAL, but that’s because I based that on an actual MSNBC article I read about the military using SEALs to recruit exceptional civilians for SpecOps.

Anyway, back to my guys–I conceived Task Force Zeta and the Red, Hot & Blue series when the real life Task Force 145 took out al Zarqawi back in 2006. Just like with SEAL Team 6 recently, for the first time Task Force 145, who normally worked in shadows, was in the press. Though not a lot was revealed, there was enough for me to form a series of books around the concept. The real special task force, formed post 9/11 in 2003, recruited the best of the best culled from such groups as Delta Force, Rangers, British SAS and yes, the Navy’s SEALS.

Task Force 145 was the model for my heroes–a group of disparate men from different branches of service working together for a common often impossible to attain goal.

The accomplishment of SEAL Team 6 cannot be denied, but they are one group of men among many doing incredible things, from the boots on the ground to the BlackOps we’ll likely never hear about. We need to remember that.

So by all means talk about the guys in my books. Call them heroes, call them sexy, but please, don’t call them SEALs

the price of fun

I had Easter dinner with the fam last Sunday, thankfully not at my house, but from parents to a full compliment of in-laws as well as nieces and nephew, they were all present and accounted for. The evening proved particularly pleasant in part thanks to my brother-in-law who is a liquor distributor and came armed with some kick ass wine, including a $60 bottle of Shiraz that was smooth and rich with undertones of chocolate and higher than normal alcohol content. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

He and I were talking and he reported liquor sales in the NY Metro area are booming. My sales are too, I reported. Like quadruple from last year. Which is when I decided when the economy is this bad, perhaps people are turning to booze and porn. Hell, it makes sense.

Of course there are other factors for the boom in my sales–eReader technology and pricing finally meeting the demands of the consumer making eReaders a hugely popular gift item last Christmas season. But I’m sure there’s more. One is the need for escape. Now more than ever people need a bit of fantasy in their lives, and romance novels provide that. Second is price. For as little as $2.99 I sell novel-length eBooks. For less than the price of a Starbucks Latte (with no calories), for less than a gallon of gasoline (and a lot more fun) and for FAR less than a movie out at the theater, a $2.99 eBook will provide the buyer with hours, maybe even days, of enjoyment–not to mention an escape from reality which is priceless.

Booze and porn–the cure for the recession? You be the judge.


times they are a changing…

For the first time in a long time I’m excited by the profession I chose. I won’t lie… There have been times I’ve filled my Twitter feed with ever more rodeo fans in an effort to avoid reading posts by fellow authors and other industry professionals–agents, editors, bloggers and reviewers, etc. Why? Because I just couldn’t take any more of what amounted to chatter that did nothing but lower my morale and make me want to stick my head in the sand–things such as eBook piracy, nasty book commentary, shameless author self-promotion, tales of pubs who aren’t paying royalties owed, agents and editors who list all the oh so many stupid things the writers they’re forced to work with do… You get the picture.

So I did bury my head in the sand, focusing on the literal rodeo arena dirt rather than on the metaphorical dirt that comes with the publishing industry. I wasn’t denying them all the right to air their opinions, I just couldn’t listen to it and continue to be productive at my job.

But this week, things have changed. I am thrilled and excited to be a part of the publishing world. It’s a brave new world and times they are a’changing…and damn fast too. A mere 5 years ago, I released my first romance with a new indie press who sold both eBooks and Print-on-Demand Trade Paperbacks. Then Print-on-Demand (POD) was a misunderstood term and self-publishing was a dirty word. If you weren’t published by one of the Big Six, you weren’t considered published. If you didn’t have an agent you had no hope of a career. If you didn’t get a big publishing advance, you were not recognized as ‘published’ by the RWA (the self-proclaimed gatekeepers of the romance community). You were instead (I kid you NOT) given the exalted title of “hobbyist”. Don’t quit your day job.

Not so today. Today, a title released by a digital first, non-advance paying, POD indie press, Samhain Publishing (Yes, that’s where I’m published!), hit the New York Times extended best seller list. Today, best selling thriller writer Barry Eisler walked away from a $500,000 two book deal with St. Martins Press to self-publish his next two books, and I heard a rumor he has also walked away from his agent. Today (not literally but recently) a self-pubbed author sold 1 million copies on Amazon. To sum it up, it’s a hell of a time to be a writer.

Today, I’m proud to be an author.


Where does inspiration come from? I can’t speak for others who need inspiration for their work, such as artists or chefs, but I can speak for myself as a writer and for me inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere.

Case in point–my first contracted romance novel way back in 2006 started out as a short story written for a competition and was inspired by my laptop crapping out. Yes, you read correctly, Opposites Attract was inspired by two days of my pulling my hair out while trying to fix my fairly new laptop myself while trying to convince the company’s tech support on the other side of the world that I was not an idiot and the machine truly was broken. Finally I got a guy on the tech support night shift who didn’t want to deal with me and agreed I could box up the laptop and ship it to Tennessee for repair. Less than 48 hours later I had my laptop back and fixed, and in my glee I imagined my knight in shining armor, the computer geek who’d ridden to my rescue and saved me and my laptop. Being a romance writer, my geek was of course incredibly hot in a Clark Kent/Superman kind of way. His glasses would make him sexy and alluring–a male version of the sexy female librarian men fantasize about. My computer nerd would be overlooked by most women, as nice guys so often are as females flock to drool over the bad boys.

And so Bradley Morgan, head geek at Geeks-R-Us, was born. That short story expanded and ended up being published as part of a trilogy of stories that was my first erotic romance (I say erotic romance with a tongue in cheek now, since compared to my recent releases featuring threesomes, this first book falls more in the ‘sweet’ category). Trilogy No. 102: Opposites Attract went out of print when Linden Bay was acquired by Samhain Publishing, but never fear, thanks to the new trend in authors self-publishing their out-of-print backlists and vendors such as ARe, Amazon and BN making it easy for us to do, Opposites Attract is back out in digital format with a shiny new cover because really, 2 computers later, I’m still a little in love with that mystery geek in TN who saved my first laptop.

Opposites Attract

A Trilogy by Cat Johnson


Bradley Morgan is the quintessential computer geek and nice guy, through and through. The only problem is that in his opinion, nice guys almost always finish last when it comes to hot women like his sexy co-worker Alyssa Jones. But things change after Alyssa finds her boyfriend cheating. Suddenly, nice guys like Brad don’t look so bad. So when Brad agrees to ghostwrite the sex scenes for a romance novel as a favor for desperate client Maria White and asks for Alyssa’s help after hours, she agrees wholeheartedly and things really start to heat up. Brad and Alyssa learn you should never judge a book by its cover and that sometimes love requires a leap of faith.


Amy Gerald’s life is filled with whirlwind romance. Unfortunately, it’s all on the pages of the romance novels she publishes. That is until she volunteers to cat-sit for her friend Maria White and meets Troy O’Donnell, the hunky fireman who lives next door. The problem is, this commitment-phobic consummate bachelor is far more willing to run into a burning building than allow love into his life. Troy will grasp at any excuse, even the ridiculous assumption that Amy is a lesbian, just to avoid his growing feelings for her. Amid a comedy of errors and misunderstandings, which includes Troy’s first hilarious visit to a gay bar, Amy manages to light Troy’s fire, but can she also conquer his fears?


Antonio Sanchez thought that at 32 his life was all mapped out—wife, kids, career—until some major bumps in the road radically alter his course and send him careening right into the path of newly divorced Maddie Morgan. After being thrust back into single life, Antonio moves back in with his old-fashioned parents and has to learn to juggle being a part-time dad to his kids, his job at the firehouse and his role as Best Man for his newly engaged best friend Troy, all in addition to facing his unquenchable desire for Maddie. Throw in a slew of matchmaking friends and relatives, led by Maria whose apartment appears to be the Bermuda Triangle for floundering lovers and Antonio and Maddie discover just how complicated things can get. Can the pair prove that love really is better the second time around?

This book has been previously published. It has been edited for rerelease.

Available for download at


BN for Nook

Coming in the next few days to :

Amazon for Kindle

piggin’ strings–they’re not just for rodeos

I tend to think out of the box. It’s my job as a romance writer. Normal people see things as they are. I see things as I can remake them to suit my purposes. For instance, while other romance authors are spending tons of money, preaching to the choir by placing their bookcover in a print ad in a romance magazine, I spend my money sponsoring rodeo cowboys. I get to give back to the sport I’m writing about, and I’ve got 3 bull riders in 2 countries wearing my tag line and website on the sleeves of their riding shirts and passing out Let’s Buck stickers at rodeos, spreading the word to people who love the subject I write about, but may have never read a romance novel before. Thinking out of the box…

Anyway, I’ve recently discovered ropers. I’ve alway loved cowboys, and I specialize in bull riders in my books but while watching the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas last December (mainly because I’d sponsored Makin8.com’s trip there to broadcast from the event live–thinking out of the box…) I noticed the tie-down ropers. The ropers are hot all on their own, but they also come with some very interesting equipment… Not THAT kind, though I’m sure that is true too. I’m talking more about all the ropes and strings they use.

There’s the rope, of course, that they use to lasso the calf. Then there is that shorter, thinner string they hold in their mouths while roping (something about that is very sexy to me–perhaps I’m orally fixated.) That is the piggin’ string and it’s what they use to tie the calf’s feet together. And that’s when my wonderfully warped brain began to work. What else could you tie up with that string? Hmmm…

That’s how my newest release Texas Two-Step came to be about tie-down ropers, and their creative use of piggin’ strings with the women they love.

Enough said, you have to read it for yourself.

Let’s Buck–or rope, or string…