got bundt?

There’s something missing in my life. I’ve known it’s missing for quite some time now. Decades actually. But I’ve never gone out and corrected the situation and now I’m feeling the need.

Perhaps it’s the $4.05 a gallon gas price I saw posted today that is making me nostaligic for simpler times but I think, after 20 1/2 years of marriage and 21 years of home ownership, I am going to buy my first bundt cake pan.

What brought this on? Well I was watching ABC World News with Diane Sawyer tonight (while checking Twitter and Facebook, investigating the rumor that my library has eBooks for loan, cleaning up some files on my computer and talking on the phone) and one story actually broke through my multi-tasking and caught my attention and I actually stopped all else and watched it.

It was a piece for an apparently recurring feature (that I’ve never noticed before) called the “Made in America: All Stars” series. Maybe I noticed it now because recently I saw a segment on another show where they went into a typical American household and removed everything that wasn’t made in America. There was nothing left. Not even the daughter’s American Girl Doll (which fyi is made in China). The show replaced nearly everything in the house with American-made products, but it wasn’t easy locating some items and I believe they couldn’t find baseballs made in this country–ironic, huh?

So perhaps that’s why this news story about Nordic Ware, a 65-year old, family-owned company in Minneapolis who has been making bundt pans since grandma and grandpa began in 1946, caught my ear. They didn’t  turn a profit for 10 years but they kept at it and the reporter said business has never been better than it is right now (sales are up 30% from last year). They attribute it to the poor economy. People can’t afford to go out so they are staying home and baking bundts? Perhaps. But I venture to say that maybe we’re all just looking to recapture what we perceive were simpler times.

They do say it takes 3 times hearing something for it to stick. So maybe between the Kiss My Bundt cookbook I’ve seen right here on the Eat Something Sexy site, and the poor family with the house emptied of all non-American products, now this Made in America bundt pan company was a case of “third times a charm”. Or maybe I just like cake. Who knows?


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    1. Cat Johnson Post author

      I’ve actually had Harvey Wallbanger Cake before! It was so good. My cousin’s wife usually makes very retro desserts for holidays, like IceBox Cake made with those chocolate wafer crackers and Cool Whip. OMG! Soo good.

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