fresh from the garden…

…the famous Madison Square Garden in NYC, that is.

My life truly is a strange dichotomy at times. I’m just back from a weekend full of PBR–the NYC Invitational and the opening weekend of the 2011 season. For the first time, I brought my friends with me. You have to know the background to appreciate this. These are the people I attend Broadway shows with. People who have lunch with the mayor, are on a first name basis with celebrities and judges alike. The people who I go to high-priced fundraisers with…and I brought them to the bull rides, with interesting results.

They loved it!

No I don’t think they are going to be rabid fans, but they have come to enjoy and appreciate the sport, and perhaps now will stop teasing me for doing so.

I do have to say, the recent gorilla marketing of the PBR, particularly in the NY area, has brought the sport of bull riding to the masses and the city folks alike. It’s working too. I have never ever attended an event where every single ticket scalper that approached me outside the venue was looking to BUY tickets rather than sell them, which goes to prove, the bull riders and the toughest sport on dirt can hold their own in the toughest city on earth if they can sell out Madison Square Garden.

Let’s Buck!